Cathay Pacific/Dragonair Fanfares (June 30)

Cathay Pacific’s fanfares this week have some pretty good deals for long-haul destinations! For true fashionistas, you wouldn’t want to miss out on attractive deals to the fashion capitals of Milan (Jul 7-21 ) at under HK$4,800 and Paris (Sept 6-19) at just around HK$5,300.

And Japanese destination remain to be ultra appealing, with Nagoya (Jul 2-9) tickets costing under HK$2,500 and travels to Fukuoka (Sept 6-19) costing around HK$2,660. You might just be able to slip in a short last-chance summer getaway right before school/work starts in September!

For the rest of the list, the last-minute travels depart as early as July 2 (this Thursday) while others leave from early to mid September.

As usual, remember to check out Hong Kong Express’s latest Wake up and Travel discounts, in which you can grab round-tickets to Da Nang cheapest at HK$779, to Nagoya at HK$1,299 and Fukuoka at $1,189 for travels between 25 August to 15 December (if you are lucky enough).


Make your way through the emerald waters of Ha Long Bay for an unrivalled view of over 1,600 islands and islets. Much of this UNESCO World Heritage Site lies undisturbed, and offers a moment of peace in an otherwise exciting and fast-paced trip to Vietnam. Fly to ‪#‎Hanoi‬ for a mix of ancient temples and modern museums – then head to the coast for an unforgettable experience. Book ‪#‎fanfares‬ at 8am.

Fares include: (*with applicable taxes and carrier-imposed surcharges)
Sanya HKD 490 | HKD 819*
Ningbo HKD 790 | HKD 1119*
Phnom Penh HKD 790 | HKD 1198*
Nanjing HKD 890 | HKD 1699*
Hanoi HKD 990 | HKD 1410*
Da Nang HKD 1490 | HKD 1840*
Yangon HKD 1490 | HKD 1873*
Nagoya HKD 2090 | HKD 2465*
Fukuoka HKD 2390 | HKD 2665*
Milan HKD 3990 | HKD 4784*
Paris HKD 4290 | HKD 5306*
*Taxes and surcharges are subject to change.
Should any discrepancy be found, please refer

賞盡下龍灣的一片碧綠,逐一細看1,600個大大小小的島嶼,如此美景讓人百看不厭。這個聯合國世界遺產大部份遠離煩囂,為你輕快、刺激的越南之旅增添一刻寧靜。立即飛往 ‪#‎河內‬,穿梭於古老的寺廟及現代的博物館之中,再奔向海岸體驗一次難忘的經歷。早上八時準時訂購 #fanfares!

三亞 港幣490 | 港幣819*
寧波 港幣790 | 港幣1119*
金邊 港幣790 | 港幣1198*
南京 港幣890 | 港幣1699*
河內 港幣990 | 港幣1410*
峴港 港幣1490 | 港幣1840*
仰光 港幣1490 | 港幣1873*
名古屋 港幣2090 | 港幣2465*
福岡 港幣2390 | 港幣2665*
米蘭 港幣3990 | 港幣4784*
巴黎 港幣4290 | 港幣5306*
所有票價以 為準。

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