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Cathay Pacific/Dragonair Fanfares (Aug 18)

Cathay Pacific’s fanfares haven’t been THIS attractive for a long while! I would say there are some kind of deals for everyone this week, and if you still have annual leave up your sleeve to take a substantial holiday, this would be a pretty good time to purchase tickets for a getaway.

For people who love travels to Japan and Korea, there are Tokyo(Narita) (Oct 25-Nov 7) tickets at HK$2,672, Busan (Oct 25-Nov 7) tickets at HK$2,060 and Seoul (Aug 20-31) tickets at HK$2,093.

Bored of Asia? For people planning a trip to the States, you can get super cheap tickets to Boston (Oct 25-Nov 7) at HK$5,141 or tickets to San Francisco (Aug 26-30) at HK$4,038.

Still want to get further away? You still have the choice of traveling to Rome (Aug 26-31) at HK$5,174!

For the rest of Cathay Pacific’s list, the last-minute travels depart as early as August 20 (this Thursday) while others leave from late October to early November.


Follow your heart through the streets of ‪#‎SanFrancisco‬, with delightful discoveries around every corner. The diverse community has created a city unlike any other, from historic Fisherman’s Wharf to the expansive Golden Gate Park. Be sure to catch a tram up one of the many hills for a magnificent view of the City by the Bay. Plan your journey and book#fanfares at 8am.
Fares include: (*with applicable taxes and carrier-imposed surcharges):
Boston HKD 3990 | HKD 5141*
Tokyo HKD 2290 | HKD 2672*
Jakarta HKD 1390 | HKD 1693*
Guilin HKD 790 | HKD 1240*
Xi’an HKD 890 | HKD 1218*
Busan HKD 1690 | HKD 2060*
Rome HKD 4290 | HKD 5174*
Zhengzhou HKD 790 | HKD 1118*
Manila HKD 790 | HKD 1101*
San Francisco HKD 2990 | HKD 4038*
Seoul HKD 1690 | HKD 2093*
*Taxes and surcharges are subject to change.
Should any discrepancy be found, please refer

隨心漫遊,穿梭於 ‪#‎三藩市的大街小巷‬,這裡的每個角落都隱藏驚喜,待你慢慢探索。從歷史悠久的漁人碼頭,到廣闊的金門公園,這個包羅萬有的城市擁有與別不同的懾人魅力。別忘登上纜車,到山上俯瞰港灣的壯麗景致。立即計劃行程,早上八時準時訂購 ‪#‎fanfares‬
波士頓 港幣 3990 | 港幣 5141*
東京 港幣 2290 | 港幣 2672*
雅加達 港幣 1390 | 港幣 1693*
桂林 港幣 790 | 港幣1240*
西安 港幣 890 | 港幣 1218*
釜山 港幣 1690 | 港幣 2060*
羅馬 港幣 4290 | 港幣 5174*
鄭州 港幣 790 | 港幣 1118*
馬尼拉 港幣 790 | 港幣 1101*
三藩市 港幣 2990 | 港幣 4038*
首爾 港幣 1690 | 港幣 2093*
所有票價以 為準。

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