Cathay Pacific HKG – LAX Economy Review

Flew CX flight 880 from HKG to LAX. The flight is schedule for 1155pm departure and 830pm arrival. The flight was delayed twelve minutes and was a fairly normal flying experience for a North American flight, I was seated in economy seat 61G and basically slept most of the way aside from the food times, which is served about one hour after takeoff and two hours before landing.

They had wok fried fish, stewed beef, or a vegetarian pasta. I selected the fish and thought it was extremely tasty for airplane food. The portion size I also found adequate for economy class.

I’ve posted about Cathay long haul flights in the past so there’s no much to talk about, good flight, and no gripes other than having one of the last pieces of luggage come out on the belt. The new economy seats are great, reclines a lot, the TV screen is nice and touchscreen, USB port to charge your electronics, and nice little cup holders, cubby spots, and coat hook.

Cathay New Economy Seats

By the way, Tom Bradley’s immigration facilities are still under construction and a bit of a mess. They don’t process citizens fast enough and you need to walk through this maze. Hopefully those will be rectified soon.

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  1. raly says:

    Nice short post of your experience.

    I am planning to travel HKG to LAX April 2014 by CX884 (HKG 1255 – LAX 1110). Wanted to know whether this flight has been upgraded with the “new economy class” seats. Pls share any information you know in this regard.

    Thank you !!

    • Hi Raly, your flight to LAX will have new seats.

      All of the flights to North America have the new seats, with one exception. The HKG-SFO route on 747 has older seating. There is one flight a day using this equipment and it will be phased out later this year for a 777 like the rest of the flights to North America.

  2. ang says:

    just found your blog. i forgot where, but i’m happy i did! i’m thinking about doing my MBA in HK as well (i’m from nyc) and i’ve been traveling a lot to hk. it’s great you have this blog that focuses more on all hk travel related posts! a lot of other blogs don’t focus on that and since i travel a lot to HK, your blog is perfect for me.

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