Cathay Pacific fanfares


Planning a trip to London or Paris? Catch some fan fares for trips to Europe next week or in January 2014. Prices to other destinations are just ok, nothing spectacular. Also, the travel dates probably won’t work for most people.

I expect travel dates for fanfares for the next few weeks to be during low season. I’d expect more attractive dates and destinations to pop up maybe in December for last minute travel in mid-December before the Christmas peak or around February 2014.

Fares for this week are (^with applicable taxes and carrier-imposed surcharges):
Sanya HKD490|1,184^
Chongqing HKD690|1,384^
Hangzhou HKD690|1,384^
Shanghai (Pudong) HKD790|1,484^
Ho Chi Ming City HKD790|1,524^
Seoul HKD1,390|2,181^
Da’Nang HKD1,490|2,193^
Fukuoka HKD1,890|2,544^
Brisbane HKD2,390|5,197^
London HKD2,990|6,533^
Paris HKD3,490|6,039^

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