Cathay Pacific Cash Upgrades

Cathay Pacific has a new auction style bidding for upgrading your tickets to the next class of service. It’s an interesting concept and makes complete sense to me. Rather than give away upgrades for free, why not get people to bid against each other and add some revenue to the bottom line? This is the first time I’ve heard of this for any airline and I’m sure will be in the testing phases for awhile.

Fare class must be one of the following to be eligible: W, R, E, Y, B, H, K, M, L or V. No award redemptions eligible.

Also, you can only upgrade one class, so economy to premium economy, or premium economy to business. No business to first it seems.


If you are able to take advantage of this, please let us know how it went and how much you bid so we can get an idea of how it works and what the rates are like…


Here’s the details:

During the trial period, we invite passengers booked on Economy Class and Premium Economy Class to place an offer for a chance to upgrade, with the following criteria:

  • Passengers traveling on 1 of our 9 selected routes: Perth, Toronto, Newark, Moscow, Paris, London, Surabaya, Cebu or Seoul.
  • Enhance is only available for selected flights and applicable fare classes on these routes where tickets are issued at specific countries/regions.
  • Bookings made after 12 May 2014, for travel between 20 June and 12 November 2014, on or, or with our local reservations office and hotlines.
  • Bookings must be confirmed.
  • Bookings with infant fares, waitlisted, redemption and prize tickets are not eligible.

After you book your Economy Class or Premium Economy Class ticket, you may be invited to participate in Enhance, based on various factors, including seat availability.

How to make an offer

  1. Book your ticket.Follow the steps on the invitation, submit your personal information, and make an offer.

    • Book on our official website, and if you’re eligible you’ll receive an instant invitation on the booking confirmation page.
    • Book with your local reservations office, and if you’re eligible you’ll receive an email invitation 7 days before departure of the first sector of your flight booking.
  2. Follow the steps on the invitation, submit your personal information, and make an offer.
  3. If your offer was accepted, we will contact you 2-3 days before your flight to confirm the upgrade.

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    What a stupid idea!!

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