Booking cheap Cathay Pacific flights from Thailand

Booking cheap Cathay Pacific flights from Thailand

Cathay Pacific flights originating in Thailand represent good value. For example, looking at a Bangkok-London via Hong return in the coming week, the cheapest price in economy class from Hong Kong is HKD10,008. From Bangkok the cheapest is THB 38,035, around HKD 8,293. In business class the contrast is usually even greater and the coming week demonstrates that: from HK a return to London costs HKD 63,063 while from Bangkok it costs THB 121,230, or HKD 26,438.

That may shock you: in this simple and everyday example, it’s roughly thirty seven thousand dollars more expensive to start the journey in HK, even though if you start from Bangkok you still take the HK-London flights as well as having the benefit of the Bangkok-Hong Kong leg (and more miles accruing). Cathay definitely seems to price gouge its Hong Kong loyalists.

For this reason it can be tempting to start a journey in Bangkok, flying there first to begin the itinerary. The long haul tickets discussed above often allow a stopover in Hong Kong on the return leg. So, for example if you buy a Hong Kong to Bangkok return to position you for the first leg and return after the last leg, you could buy purchase one Bangkok to London ticket and one Hong Kong to Bangkok ticket, and as well as saving a lot of money, enjoy two weekend breaks in Bangkok.

You can buy tickets from Bangkok at Cathay’s office there, or on their global website or through your travel agent (though remember that Cathay often doesn’t release its best prices to travel agents).


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Using Cathay’s Thai website

Cathay’s price discrimination doesn’t end there. A Hong Kong-Bangkok return ticket is typically more expensive than a Bangkok-Hong Kong ticket which is exactly the same itinerary in reverse. So, especially if you plan to travel multiple times to Bangkok, it can be cheaper to buy tickets originating in Bangkok and then simply a single to get there for the first positioning flight.

Be aware, though, that Cathay’s Thai website offers better prices than are immediately obvious. Clicking on the main booking tool on their website for a return in the coming week between Bangkok and Hong Kong, the cheapest fare I am offered in economy class is THB9,510 (HKD 2,074) (for ease of reading, all prices exclude taxes and costs from hereon). By contrast, the cheapest HKG-BKK return on the same dates is shown as HKD2,520.

But their main booking tool doesn’t show some of their best prices. For example, if you click on their Latest Offers link you can currently see a Hong Kong return from 4,700 THB (HKD 1,025) in economy and 12,700 THB (HKD 2,771) in business. To book this you need to click on the link in that part of their website. Pulling up exactly the same dates as before, now I’m offered 4,910 THB (HKD 1,071) in economy, almost half the price of their main booking tool.

In fact if you poke around in the Latest offers, you’ll see that there are even lower prices such as 4,400 THB (HKD 960) exclusive for economy and 11,700 THB (HKD 2552) exclusive for business. These are Early Bird offers for travel between April and July next year.

Guest Blogger: Christopher R. 

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    Nice post but this is true for just about any flight ex-BKK. If I have the time, I always fly ex-BKK and back into HKG for a fraction of the cost of ex-HKG.

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