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Hong Kong Express Rail Link to Guangdong

In honor of the 15th Anniversary of the Hong Kong handover, this July 1 I decided to write about connecting Hong Kong to the mainland. I read this article on the WSJ , it purports while maintaining it’s own identity, Hong Kong needs to better integrate itself with the...


Airport Express early check-in restrictions

Many people utilize the MTR Airport Express in-town prior-day check-in feature. However, one of the drawbacks is that while this is touted as good for all passengers, it’s a matter of fact that not every airline allows check-in the day prior. (I think prior-day check-in is the main selling...


Asia Miles & 5-10% Discount for Airport Express tickets

This is an offer I don’t think many people utilize. When taking the Airport Express, get a discount and collect Asia Miles at the same time. Tickets are also cheaper if purchased online, 10% off for HSBC cardholders until July 31, 2012. Around 5% discount for non-HSBC online purchases. The only...