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Uber HK insurance coverage & promo code

Insurance Uber in HK has upped their insurance coverage for passengers up to $100 million, which was effective Oct 17, 2016 to Sep 16, 2017. However, Uber only announced this in February. See the AIG insurance certificate. Previously Uber used a global umbrella policy which covers up to...


HK taxi fare increases this month

This is NOT an April Fool’s joke, although I wish it was. Starting April 9, 2017, taxi fares in Hong Kong will be increasing. Don’t be too alarmed though, the increase in fare is minimal, and if you’re taking a taxi, I’m sure you can afford it. There’s...


Two Very Good Uber Promotions

Two great new Uber promotions, one for Uber HK and another for Uber US, great if you’re traveling there. HK promotion is for referrals. If you refer new riders in Hong Kong, you will get three $50 HKD credits instead of the usual 1. If you haven’t tried Uber yet, use...