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Cathay Pacific and Japan Air Lines First Class compared

This Summer I had the good fortune of taking a long haul flight and several regional flights with both Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines. We won’t feature detailed trip reports on all of them but here is a simple comparison of some elements of the experience. Different aircraft and routes have different configuration and service so this is not meant to be authoritative – it is simply a snapshot summary based on the flights which I took.

British Airways Galleries First Class Lounge, Heathrow Terminal 3 Review

British Airways made a big hullabaloo when it consolidated all of its flights into its supposedly dedicated terminal at Heathrow, terminal five. Some years on, however, other connected airlines such as Iberia also use Terminal Five and BA operates some flights out of Terminal Three. This first class lounge in terminal three is useful for Hong Kong passengers since Cathay’s flights depart from that terminal and their own lounge has under renovation for many months although is supposed to be reopened around now.