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Malaysia Airlines’ South East Asian Airpass

If you are planning on travelling around south east Asia, Malaysia Airlines’ ASEAN airpass is worth considering.   The pass is available if you will be flying into Malaysia on a Malaysian or Emirates flight, from outside southeast Asia. So, for example, if you fly from HK into...


Malaysia Airlines Year End Super Sale

Malaysia Airlines has been advertising some good prices in its Year End Super Sale. Sale prices in business class for return flights (excluding taxes and charges) start at: • Malaysia: $3,770 • Singapore: $3,770 • Indonesia: $3,800 • Thailand: $4,560 • India: $6,000 • Australia: $12,000 • New...


Booking a One World Multi Carrier Award Ticket

Do you want to get the best value out of your Asia Miles? A lot of people redeem Asia miles for flights with Cathay Pacific or Dragonair. Sometimes, however, there can be better value using Asia Miles to make a different type of redemption. For example, if one...


Missing Malaysia Airlines Airplane?

In breaking news, this morning a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 went missing from Kuala Lumpur enroute to Beijing, flight MH370. One can only assume that the Malaysia Airlines plane has crashed somewhere. This is extremely unusual, especially in this day and age. Also, the plane wasn’t flying over...


Malaysia Airlines flights to Australia $5,000+ in-all

While this sale isn’t limited to Australia, it’s pretty much for anywhere Malaysia Airlines flies, I found some of the better deals to be to Australia. Malaysia Airlines charges a lot for fuel surcharges, so the short haul destination fares after surcharges usually isn’t too appealing. For example, Bangkok...


Malaysia Airlines sale through Mar 15

Malaysia Airlines has a fare sale through March 15, 2013. Travel dates: 23 Feb – 24 Mar and 6 Apr – 26 Jun 2013 Keep in mind not all cities have the same valid travel dates, you’ll need to check the web site for exact details.