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Which destinations are short-haul and long-haul?

Hong Kong Airport likes to define routes as either short-haul or long-haul. They charge different fuel surcharges and construction fees depending of your flight is long or short. Do you actually know what long haul or short haul means? Below is the official list of destinations from HKG....


Jetstar using Singlish for in-flight annoucements

This will be good for my Singapore readers. Jetstar will use Singlish for in-flight announcements on August 9. August 9 is National Day in Singapore, and Jetstar did a similar stunt for April Fools earlier this year. Now I don’t know if this would drum up any business,...


Applying for Vietnam Visa in Hong Kong

Visa Requirement People travelling on a Hong Kong passport need a visa to visit Vietnam. Until 1st July 2016, U.K. and certain other European passport holders do not need a visa as long as their stay is not more than fifteen days and they do not re-enter Vietnam...


Architecture Exhibition at Hong Kong Airport

If you have some spare time at Hong Kong airport in the next few weeks there is an interesting exhibition on local architecture taking place in terminal two. It is in the public area of the airport so is easy to visit even if you are not flying....


A Transit Watchout with British Airways in London

British Airways has several flights a day between Hong Kong and London. That, and the fact that many of its One World stablemate Cathay’s flights to Britain and Europe feed into BA’s regional network means that a lot of travellers from our region will end up connecting onto...


Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year! Thanks for all my readers for reading and supporting the blog in the past year. I hope you have an awesome year ahead with lots of travels and saving $$!


Cathay Pacific/Dragonair Fanfares (Nov 11)

This week’s Cathay Pacific fanfares  offer deals to Japan, just in time for you to enjoy the beautiful red leaves season. You can travel to Tokyo (Narita) (Nov 12-22 ) at just HK$2,628 and Osaka (Dec 2-15 ) at HK$2,955. For long-haul destinations, Zurich (Nov 12-19 ) costs HK$3,619,...


Cathay Pacific/Dragonair Fanfares (Oct 27)

Cathay Pacific’s fanfares this week offers great deals for travels to Zurich (Oct 29-Nov 7) and Los Angeles (Nov 4-8) at HK$3,319 and HK$3,818 respectively, which made those must-buys if you are planning a trip to those destinations. For closer by areas, it is the normal but popular places again....


Places to Go this Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is the grandest celebration the Chinese have after the Lunar New Year Celebration. As the round shape of the full moon symbolizes unity in Chinese culture, every year for this one night, families and friends would gather together for yummy mooncakes, varicoloured lanterns and maybe just...


UBER in Hong Kong + Free Credit

Wondering what’s going on with UBER in Hong Kong? There’s been a bit of hoopla lately with all of the press surrounding the raid and arrest of UBER employees in the local office. It’s fairly embarrassing on the HK government, but what’s done is done. Today UBER is...