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National Car Rental is a large US based car rental company. Enterprise Holdings is the owner and Enterprise and  Alamo brands are operated by them as well. National is geared towards business travelers primarily and their service is highly rated. One of the best aspects of National is that you get to select the car you want and don’t need to do any paperwork via a counter when you rent.

Usually I rent from Alamo because they’re cheaper, but now with this status I may rent from National more. Unfortunately Alamo has no status program, Alamo is mainly geared towards the leisure traveler. I never liked Enterprise, I always felt the upsell was hard and they are too picky on scratches and dents on the car. Checking out the car with Enterprise always also took forever.

Back to National. Their locations are limited in Asia to Japan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore. If you’ll be in North America or Europe however, their footprint is a lot larger.

At the moment, there is a promotion to get free Emerald Club Executive membership through Feb 28, 2016.


It’s pretty straightforward, just search for any previous reservations using your driver’s license number. Then it’ll pull up your information and you can sign-up for an account. If you already have an account, just use the same username as before and it will upgrade your existing Emerald Club account to an Executive account.

While the page doesn’t specifically say, I believe you’re supposed to use a MasterCard to sign-up and add into your account. I used a MasterCard and it worked fine. Doesn’t need any particular one.

I logged into my account and it showed Executive through Feb 2016, super easy.

Here’s some of the benefits of Executive:

  • Emerald Club Executive® status is yours with 12 paid rentals or 40 paid rental days in a calendar year.
  • You’ll enjoy all the benefits of Emerald Club® membership plus a higher level of privileges, including:
  • Choice of Fullsize or better cars from our exclusive Executive area.
  • Guaranteed upgrades: You always pay for one car class less than the car you reserved.
  • One Free Rental Day with six rental credits.

There’s no real harm in signing up since it’s completely free. If you have any feeling you may be renting a car in the next year, might wanna sign up before this is dead.

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