Hong Kong Airport to Guangzhou / Guangdong Province

Blog reader Diana was asking about how to get to Guangzhou from the airport. The easiest way to go from Hong Kong International Airport directly to Guangzhou / Guandong province is to take a mainland coach from terminal 2.


There’s an itinerary planner with list of bus schedules, fares, and company. If you can find routes via Shenzhen Bay, that’s your best bet, since the immigration is faster and you only get off / on the bus once, vs twice through Huanggang.

There are four bus companies which directly serve the airport and here is a list of major destinations:

DongguanChanganXinhuiHuadu Zhongshan


Turbojet also runs a route from HKIA to Nansha (Guangzhou) but you’ll still have to hop on a bus once you get off the boat. According to the website it looks like they recently cut the sailings down to one per day at 4pm, useless for most people.


Another option is to go to Hung Hom and take the train, but there’s no direct link between Hung Hom and the airport. Plus any shorter time on the train is negated by actually getting to the train station, so bus is really your best option if coming from Hong Kong Airport. The schedule can be found here if you want to take the train.

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  1. diana says:

    Many thanks for this entry.
    i guess bus will be the best option for us 🙂

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