Cheapest way to HK Airport: Tung Chung MTR and S1 Bus

Updated Aug 10, 2014 – MTR fares updated; this is no longer the cheapest way to HKIA, but still very cheap. Try the “E” Citybus buses for the cheapest method, $21 from HK Island.

In the past I’ve outlined a few different ways to get to Hong Kong International Airport, namely bus and Airport Express. Both options are very convenient, but pricier than this option, which is the cheapest I am aware of from Kowloon or Hong Kong. You can take the MTR Tung Chung line to Tung Chung Station and make an easy transfer to the S1 bus.

The total cost is $24.5 from HK Station and $19.3 from Kowloon Station, (versus $100 or $90 on the Airport Express.) Takes about an hour for the trip.


  1. Take the Tung Chung Line to Tung Chung – ($21 from Hong Kong Station / $15.8 from Kowloon Station)
  2. Exit MTR and walk to the bus terminal adjacent to the station, Exit B. (No more than 2 minutes walk.)
  3. Wait for the S1 bus, comes about every 7-10 minutes. $3.50. (About a 10-15 minute ride to the passenger terminal)

I did this once before, but it’s not so great for me since I live quite a bit aways from the Tung Chung line and need to make that long transfer walk through Central/HK station. However, if you aren’t in a rush to the airport and don’t have too much luggage, this is a viable and affordable option. The bus does make a few stops at Cathay / Dragonair City before the passenger terminal, but shouldn’t be more than 15 minutes from Tung Chung Station.

S1 Bus Route details

Of course this works from the airport to the city as well, so it’s the cheapest way from Hong Kong Airport to Hong Kong or Kowloon, just reverse the steps I’ve outlined. There’s plenty of signs in the airport arrivals hall directing you to the bus stops, but the walk is a little far for the S1. The easiest way I know of is if you’re coming from the arrival doors, walk all the way towards your right. In the corner of the arrival terminal there’s a set of doors leading outside to an elevated walk way. Take the elevator / escalator to the ground floor and the S1 bus stop is there.

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  1. meyta rianoni says:

    hi,is bus A21 from nathan road will pass citygates outlet mall..?
    because before off to airport, i want shopping for 3 hours.

  2. Ian Tubola says:

    Hi! Can you tell me the cheapest route from HKIA to Nathan Rd, TST? I will be travelling with my siblings and will stay in Mirador Mansion. Its our first time to go to Hong Kong and we are quite excited and a bit scared. Pls help. Thanks

  3. Hoylen says:

    When catching the S1 from the airport, there are two bus stops you can take.

    The first one (described in the article) is where the bus starts from. Follow the signs to where the “limousines” are. When facing away from the baggage collection area, it is at the far right. Go across the elevated walk way, down the lifts or escalators to the ground level, out the doors (which are now facing back towards the main terminal), turn right and go around to the back of small limousine building, and then keep walking away from the building towards the distant bus stop you can see (this is in the same directory you walked across elevated walk way). BTW, there are toilets in the limousine area.

    The second one is handy if you exit the baggage area at the other end of the terminal (the far left, when facing away from the baggage area). In the front left corner of the arrivals area, take the lifts down to the ground level. These are the lifts away from the baggage area that go down (not the lifts near the baggage area that only goes up). You’ll end up on the footpath, at the side of the road in the tunnel-like area underneath the terminal. The bus stop there is the first stop the S1 gets to.

    The stored-value “Octopus Card” is the most convenient (and cheapest) way to travel on public transport in Hong Kong, so you should get one from the ticket machines before leaving the arrivals area in the terminal, so you can pay for your trip. With busses, you touch-on at the start of the journey (it is the same price regardless of how far you travel). With the MTR, you touch-on and touch-off.

  4. gt Tay says:

    Hi, we will be traveling with our 8 years old daughter in September. May I know what will you be recommending for us to travel from Disneyland Hollywood hotel to the airport please. Thank you.

  5. Jeremy says:

    I am so thankful that I found this blog. I wen to Hong Kong last week and this has been very useful. We did not have any luggage only our backpacks so we decided to immediately head to the Po Lin Monastery after arrival since the transit is the Tung Chung MTR. It was very convenient and cheap. Thank You !

  6. Wilson says:

    Hello, i will be staying at tsim sha taui this friday, but before going there I want to stroll around Citygate first. Is the S1 bus route suited for me going to citygate from airport? And what would be the cheapest way for me to go to nathan road from tsim sha tsui, would it be the MTR? Or ahould i take the S1 bus route going back to the airport then take the A21 bus going to nathan road tsim sha tsui? Thanks

  7. Andy says:

    Hi, please advise what forms of public transportation is available to reach 510am to HK airport? My flight is 710am. I am staying at Royal Plaza Hotel along Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon. Thanks

  8. Freddie says:

    Hello, will be staying at the Marriott Skycity later this week and will only return just before midnight from Central one of the nights. Intending to take the MTR to Tung Chung, and then catch the S1 from there back to tAsia Expo Station, where the Marriott essentially is. Any idea how long the ride on the S1 will take ? Can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    • Probably about 10-15 minutes once you’re on the bus. There is shuttle run by Marriott from the MTR to the hotel, but not sure what time it ends. You can inquire with them directly. Might save you a trip on the S1 and you don’t need to walk from the airport.

  9. Elisa Japar says:

    Thanks. At what time the first bus leaves the first stop in the morning and at what time the A21 reach Nathan Road? Around how many minutes does it take by the A21 to get to the airport from Nathan Road in the early morning? I appreciate for your information.

  10. Elisa Japar says:

    Thank you so much for the reply. How about if I stay at Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui ? What transport is the cheapest way for me to arrive at airport at 6.45 – 7.00 am? Thanks.

  11. Elisa Japar says:

    Hi, my flight is departing at 8.45 am, I should arrive airport at 6.45 am – 7.00 am. I stay at Causeway Bay. What transport is the cheapest way for me? Should get us plenty of time to check-in before 7am if I take MTR to Tung Chung Station and transfer to S1? At what time the first MTR operate in the morning? Thanks.

  12. Akki says:

    hi can u tell the direction u give to catch S1 from airport is for terminal 1 or 2. I am coming first time to hk. thanks

  13. dx says:

    You may transfer to the red line at Lai King station. It will save you long walk at Central.

  14. Keir says:

    Many thanks for the original post, I took the S1 from Tung Chung tonight, all went well until I tried to find the S1 stop. As youbquite rightly point out, it’s exit B, as opposed the the signs at the station which pointed me to exit A. In hindsight, it’s obvious. Exit B, walk across the square, into the bus station and the S1 stop is just to the left.

  15. Janessa says:

    Hi, can we pay the fare of $3.50 by Octopus card?

  16. aurora says:

    Hi. does s1 bus do stop at terminal 1? I am confused now what bus to take because of that early flight..
    I stay here in have any suggestion to make an easy or faster way to get to the airport? Need help please..thank you

  17. Reid says:

    Great clarification.
    I researched this as the best option and wanted to see if my logic was correct – and stumbled across this by accident.

    What I could determine was if there is enough space for luggage?


    • Hi Reid, are you referring to space for luggage on the bus? Yes there’s usually a small luggage rack, otherwise you can use the space for the wheelchairs, usually there no wheelchairs passengers.

      The MTR won’t have luggage racks, you just need to find some room. There’s only luggage racks in the airport express train.

  18. Hi, from City gate outlet mall, If I ride the S1 bus, will it stop in the passenger terminal of the airport? (where the private cars are dropping off passengers) or I have to get down the bus on a specific bus stop near the airport then walk towards the airport? Is there “Airport Bus stop” sign i should look out for? I might miss the bus stop and end up missing the airport.. 🙂

    • Hi Dennis,

      The bus will stop at the passenger terminal. There are two stops. One is stop #7 at Car Park 1, right next to the terminal, or Stop #8 which is right in front of the passenger terminal. You should see most of the passengers get off with all their luggage so I don’t think you’ll be confused when to get off.

      I think all of the buses nowadays announce stops and have an electronic sign so you can keep track of where you are as well.


  19. Asuncion Tan says:

    Yes, my husband and I did this 2 times from HKIA via S-1 bus and upon arrival from Tung Chung. get a tourist MRT to destination hotel. It was worth it.

  20. David says:

    love your website, keep up the good work. i want to let you know that there is even a cheaper way to get to the airport. from HK island, you can take E11 buses directly to the airport. it make more stops than the normal A11 (A series) buses but at half of the cost. E11 is 21hkd from HK Island to Airport and generally takes about 15 minutes longer and you don’t have to transfer.

    • Hi David, yes good point, I forgot about those E buses. Just need to make sure there is an E bus route that runs near where you are. Unfortuantely for me there is not. 🙁
      But I do remember the E11 does run from Tin Hau through Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, etc.

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