Top 5 Air Miles Credit Cards in HK

Are you planning on taking an overseas trip? What’s more, do you want to fly for free? With the right credit card, you can earn air miles faster which you can use to get flight upgrades, free flights, and special privileges! HK Travel Blog has worked with our partner MoneyHero to come up with some of the best credit cards to earn air miles in Hong Kong.

There are many credit cards here in HK that lets you earn air miles but what makes a credit card a great air miles credit card is that it lets you earn the most amount of air mile for the least amount of spending. On top of that, some cards have welcome offers for thousands of air miles and that helps them stand out from the rest! We’ve done the comparison for you and present five credit cards available here in Hong Kong that can help you earn air miles faster!

1. HSBC Credit Cards

There are several HSBC credit cards to choose from if you want to earn air miles at the same rate, so we’re bunching them up into one. To earn miles, you need to enroll your chosen card to their mileage programme, which lets you convert 1 RewardCash to 15 air miles. You earn 1 RewardCash for every HKD 250 spent, but you can select a spending category to get an extra 5x RewardCash on your chosen category and double extra RewardCash under their Red Hot Friday programme. That means you can earn up to 11x RewardCash.

If you use your credit card the most for dining out with friends, you might want to specify in their rewards programme that your preferred spending category is ‘Dining’ and allocate all of your extra points to that category so that you can get the most points which you can exchange for air miles in their mileage programme!

hsbc advance

2. Citibank Rewards Card

With the Citibank Rewards Card, you can get up to 5x reward points when you use your card to pay at groceries, department stores, and telecom providers. Use this card for these categories, earn the most reward points, and convert them to air miles at the conversion rate of 1 air mile for every 15 reward points. You earn 1 point for every dollar but with the 5x multiplier that’s equal to 1 dollar for five points for a conversion rate of HKD 3 for 1 air mile. What’s great about their rewards is that the points don’t expire so you can save up for that free flight without worrying about your points expiring.

citi rewards hk

3. Standard Chartered WorldMiles Credit Card

You can earn 1 air mile for every HKD 5 that you spend at retail stores locally or overseas with the Standard Chartered WorldMiles Card. What makes this credit card enticing for those chasing reward points is the welcome offer which lets you earn 1 air mile for every HKD 1 that you spend. You would need to spend at least HKD 128,000 in the first two months to be able to get this fantastic rate.


4. DBS Black Card

If you find yourself using a credit card often when you’re overseas, then you might want to check out the DBS Black Card. This credit card lets you earn 1 air mile for every HKD 4 overseas spending, or earn 1 air mile for every HKD 6 you spend locally.

dbs black hk

5. Citibank Prestige Credit Card

Every HKD 6 that you spend locally with your Citibank Prestige Card lets you earn 1 mile but the card lets you earn 1 air mile for every HKD 4 that you spend overseas. What’s attractive for miles chasers is the welcome offer of 30,000 Asia Miles if you pay the first year annual fee of HKD 2,500 or up to 40,000 Asia Miles if you pay the annual fee and accumulate spending of HKD 20,000 in the first 2 months.

citi pretige

Did you find the best rewards credit card for you? MoneyHero helps you compare credit cards in Hong Kong. Apply online now!

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  1. John says:

    You don’t state what mileage programs these earn into so how many “air miles” one earns is irrelevant. Nor do you say anything about conversion / redemption fees. Looks like this was just a post to get your Money Hero affiliate link slotted in.

    • Josh says:

      I agree with John, as an expat living in HK i find the mileage credit card offerings terrible compared to American credit cards that regularly offer 50-100K upon signup and meeting spending req’s. What’s with the pathetic sign up offers here? With so many credit card offerings in HK and people holding literally dozens of credit cards, I thought things would be a bit more competitive..

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