US Airways Share Miles 100% Bonus


Share miles between October 1, 2012 and October 31, 2012 and your friend or family member will get 100% MORE.

There’s also a $30 transaction fee.  (and 7.5% GST fee for Canadians)

This is a good offer to get US Airways Miles for a low price, 1 cent a piece, plus the $30 transaction fee. You can transfer up to 50,000 miles (+ 50,000 mile bonus) per account. If you know someone with 50,000 miles, you can them to transfer 50,000 miles for $530 USD.

Then you can transfer 50,000 miles back to the original person and they will have 100,000 miles total for $530. If you can find seats on flights you want, this is a great deal for premium cabins. For 90,000 miles for example, you can fly between Hong Kong and North America in business class!

This method is cheaper than buying the miles outright from their 100% bonus promotions. The main caveat is that you need to find someone with miles already in their account, and they need to be willing to pay for the sharing of miles to get the miles back into their account.



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