US Airways Buy Miles 100% Bonus


Now through June 30, US Air is running a great 100% bonus promotion to buy miles. I think this is really worthwhile for business class, or limited economy class flights, if the revenue tickets costs too much.


  • US Airways has, what I believe, the most generous routing rules around for long-distance travel. They allow travel between HKG and North America via the Pacific, Europe, or Africa. They also allow a stopover and many connections (as long as they are under 24 hours,) so good for hopping around to different cities. BTW, since they’re a Star Alliance partner, you don’t even need to fly US.

Key Points:

  • Purchase now through June 30th
  • US Airways account must be open for at least 12 days (open one now if you don’t have)
  • Miles cost 0.0175 each, after bonus. Add 7.5% for Canadian residents, (you may want to sign up from a HKG address.)
  • Purchase up to 50,000 miles and receive another 50,000 free for 100,000 total


Most recently I flew from JFK to ZRH (23 hr connection), to FRA (12 hr connection), to JNB (stopover,) then JNB to HKG (destination.) On the return I’m flying HKG to IST (12 hr connection,) then IST to JFK (destination.) All of this in BUSINESS CLASS and 90,000 miles + taxes / fees. I purposely wanted long connections so I can leave the airport and check out the different cities. However, for routings like this, YMMV, all depends on the agent you talk to and how lucky you are.


I need to return to the US for a wedding in August…tickets are about $1,500USD roundtrip on the dates I need to travel. If I buy these miles for an economy class redemption, probably not worth it. $1,050 for 60K miles. But if I buy 90K miles for business class at $1,575 it becomes a lot more attractive, assuming I can find flights those dates. Keep in mind, you can place the awards on hold for 3 days, then buy the miles and redeem after they post to your account, which should be right after your purchase.



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