Turkish Airlines business class review


I recently flew from HKG – IST – JFK on Turkish Airlines business class. Here’s a multi-part trip review.

Turkish Airlines business class
Turkish Airlines lounge
Istanbul Day Trip

Turkish Airlines business class

I flew on TK 71 from HKG – IST.  Check-in with a non-issue, no lines for business or economy. As a business class passenger, make sure you get the passport fast pass for Istanbul, it’s great as it allows you to skip the normal lines.

The lounge access at HKIA is limited to only the Traveler’s lounge. This is a pretty barebones lounge by HK standards, but does offer minimal hot foods and drinks. There was an area cordoned off for Turkish Airlines guests, but I just sat in the food area and watched the Olympics as I ate.

The flight boarded on-time and business class was about 65% full. VERY spacious seats, I couldn’t even reach the little bench area in front of the TV screen. The seats appeared lie-flat to me, but others have said there’s a slight angle. Unfortunately I didn’t think they were as comfortable as other airlines and the blanket was too small. You really need two of those to cover your whole body, not sure why they provide such small blankets.

The food was good, but not amazing. There’s a ‘real’ chef on board with a chefs hat and coat, wandering around the cabin and taking your orders. A nice marketing gimmick, but I don’t think it really made the food taste better than what a normal flight attendant can put together.

Asparagus Soup

Cheese ravioli

After the meal I went to the toilet to wash up before sleep. The Lanvin Parfuns amenity kit came with a mini-tooth brush which I found hard to brush the back of my teeth with. There’s no cups in the lavatory neither, but I thought the sink had a nice design. However, the toilet and entire plane felt a bit grimy to me, they don’t clean very well so a lot of crevices and seats are dirty and have grit.

Nice sink in the toilet

After sleeping about 5 or 6 hours, the attendants didn’t wake me up for breakfast service, even though I filled out that card indicating what I wanted to eat, AND put a sticker on my chair showing that I wanted to be waken up for meals. This occurred on both the HKG – IST and IST – JFK legs, I guess the policy is if the passenger is sleeping, don’t wake them at all.

Overall I thought the service was lacking, and there was very poor command of English. Even Chinese airlines understand English better. Announcements were only made in Turkish and inaudible English, they should’ve had a Chinese attendant in business. Also, if you’re a germaphobe, might want to bring some wet naps to wipe the surfaces on your seat and controller down because they’re a bit dirty. I wouldn’t choose to fly this airline again based on service, but the hard product itself is OK, planes are newish, and didn’t experience any major delays.

I did enjoy the Turkish Airlines lounge in Istanbul once I arrived at Ataturk Airport.

Pictures on the JFK – IST leg

Spacious Seating

Nice dessert spread. Looks even better from HK since there’s more fruit variety.



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