Thai Royal Orchid Lounge at HKG Review

The Thai Airways lounge at Hong Kong Airport is small but functional. It’s located near Gate 70, easiest way to is to take the shuttle train then make a short walk and go up the escalator.

Not too much to say, the pictures pretty much explain everything. The lounge was VERY crowded and busy when I went in the early evening, almost couldn’t get a seat. I think most people were headed to Australia or New Zealand, so Thai must share a lounge with Air New Zealand.

The lounge pretty much has everything you need despite it’s size, and could be relaxing if it weren’t for all of the people. I assume other times are less crowded and in those cases I’d recommending checking out the place. They even have some massage chairs if you’re so inclined to use them.

The lounge had a large newspaper and magazine spread which was good for reading materials, the food is OK, but not very Thai-ish. Mostly Chinese with some dim sum which was disappointing. If you didn’t bring a computer you could also use one of the many computers.

tg lounge entrance
Cardboard flight attendant greeting
tg lounge food
Small food area with dim sum, curry, and juices.
tg lounge computers
Computer Workcenter
tg lounge seats
tg lounge tv
TV and lounge area

Lounge Name:Royal Orchid Lounge
Location:Level 7, Southwest Concourse (near Gate 40)
Opening Hours:06:00 – 23:00 Hours
Space:715 sq.m.
Capacity:20 Royal First Class Seats / 120 Royal Silk Class Seats
Facilities:Food, Snack, Refreshment, Alcohol
Magazine & Newspaper
Massage Chairs
Children Game Zone
Free Local Call


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