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Thai Airways MEL – BKK – HKG Flight Review

If there’s any particular day to fly out of Melbourne Australia, during the Melbourne Cup is certainly the day to do it. I flew on Thai Air TG466 from MEL to HKG via Bangkok, and boy was my flight out of Melbourne super empty. There was a total of 55 passengers on the long-haul flight, including business class. Each passenger had about three rows of seats to themselves in economy, and the service was on par with business class since the flight attendants had absolutely nothing to do. This was the afternoon flight, arriving Bangkok evening. There’s also an overnight flight  TG 462 which departs after midnight arriving BKK in the early morning.

Thai airways economy
This is what the plane looked like, and I was one of the last to board

It was really nice to have a whole row to myself which I could stretch out and sleep horizontally during the 9.5 hour flight. The seats themselves were fine aside from the personal TV. The IFE (in-flight entertainment) wasn’t working too well, and they had to reset it a few times, and it was still slow to react and would freeze at times. The plane is a little older than I’d prefer and seats didn’t have too much recline, but like I said, I won’t complain since I had the whole plane to myself.

Thai airways economy
Legroom is ok, better on Cathay though. Personal IFE.

Service was of course great, I asked for earplugs and an eye mask which they provided. I also wanted a toothbrush but they didn’t have any of those for us in economy, too bad. Food service was quick as suspected, and they came back and forth with drinks so many times. The meal itself was subpar, edible but I thought it had weird spices. It was also absurd to see how many bread rolls they wanted to give everyone to get rid of them.

Thai Airways
My meal, chicken and mashed potatoes. Thought it was weird tasting.

Overall, from MEL – BKK, great flight because it was empty. Best part, no wait for the bathroom, ever.

From BKK – HKG the flight was also good, a bit more full probably about 60-70% full. I didn’t get a whole row but I did have to seats between me and the other passenger in my row. Flight was short, only about 2.5 hours and service was professional and hospitable. Nothing to complain about. The IFE on this plane was working fine, and I watched my usual TV sitcoms to pass the time. By the way, Thai offers newspapers to economy class passengers if you like to read during your flight.

I flew flight TG 602, the last flight out from BKK to HKG, but there’s plenty of other flights throughout the day, TG600, TG628, TG638 ,and TG606.

Thai Airways
Seat from BKK to HKG, nothing to complain about.
Thai Airways
Massaman chicken curry, not bad. I’d expect the curry to be decent coming out of BKK

We arrive in Hong Kong on-time and my baggage arrived a few minutes after I got to the baggage belt, a very good trip overall. Thanks Thai!

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