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Believe it or not, I have never ever flown Singapore Airlines (SQ) until now. It’s always rated as one of the world’s best airlines so I was very excited to experience the Singapore hospitality. I took a flight from HKG to Sydney via Singapore and here’s how it went.

Singapore Airlines

Plane at gate after arriving in Sydney

In Hong Kong, boarding started a bit late, and then we sat at the gate for awhile before pushing back, so I was seriously concerned about missing my short 1 hour connection. I figured there’s nothing I could do at this point but hope they’d hold the plane in Singapore, which was the actual case, so luckily I wasn’t stranded in Singapore Changi Airport, good.

HKG to SIN was fine, nothing too spectacular. The plane wasn’t new, but wasn’t falling apart neither. A slightly older IFE screen and system but worked perfectly fine. Service was something you’d get on par with Cathay Pacific. I wouldn’t say it was any better or worse. The only thing I noticed about the seats vs Cathay that was better, was that you get a universal power port in economy, and a footrest. You definitely don’t get footrests on Cathay economy. I’m not particularly short though, so didn’t find the footrests of any use.

Singapore Airlines

SQ Economy Seat in older aircraft, still has IFE

Food was decent, again nothing too special. I like how they give you menus though, even on a short haul. Too bad it’s not environmentally friendly to print all these menus though. Enjoyed a chicken and rice on the way to Singapore. The only thing I don’t like about Singapore Airlines is that they don’t serve hot beverages when the fasten seatbelt sign is on. Are you kidding me? The fasten seatbelt sign is always on, how can you not serve tea in Asia? Ridiculous. No complaints about my cold water though.

IMG_20141031_232347 IMG_20141031_232336

Singapore Airlines

Economy meal dinner, chicken with rice

While the seats were nothing too special,  Singapore Airlines provides a really nice fleece blanket, and pillow with decent stuffing. This is a rarity these days I feel, I was appreciative of the good quality pillow and blanket.

Singapore Airlines

Famous Singapore girl during drink service

As mentioned, my flight was over 45 minutes late so my connection was super tight at this point. Upon arrival there was personnel telling connecting passengers the gate to Sydney. Lucky me, it was in a completely different terminal. Had to run to the airport train, transfer to the other terminal, run from that train to the gate which was another 10 minutes. Singapore airport is huge. Luckily I didn’t pass out running around the airport although I felt I would at one point. They were holding the plane however for connecting passengers, wish they would’ve told me that so I couldn’t just briskly walked instead. There were plenty of other connecting passengers running around though, so I wasn’t the only fool. Made my fight though.

Newer type seat on long-haul flight, but not brand new

Newer type seat on long-haul flight, but not brand new

Singapore Airlines

Individual plug on newer type economy seating

The flight from Singapore to Sydney was basically the same experience as the HKG to SIN flight. Only real difference was they give you a basic amenity kit. Supposedly from Givenchy but it was really cheap feeling, only had a toothbrush and socks in it. Better than Cathay these days though, who doesn’t even give you one (you need to ask the flight attendant on Cathay.)

IMG_20141031_232304 IMG_20141031_232312

Singapore Airlines

After midnight snack, terrible. Curry chicken wrap

Singapore Airlines

Western breakfast before landing in Sydney

I fell asleep most of the flight to Sydney since it was an overnight flight and I was exhausted from the running. Arrived on-time even with the late departure out of Singapore. Overall, no complaints.





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