Singapore Airlines ends SIN – EWR/LAX routes


A bunch of news articles are covering the announcement of the end of two of Singapore Airlines longest flights, SIN – LAX and SIN – EWR, which is also the longest flight in the world.

Wall Street Journal

This is an unfortunate announcement for business travelers in the region, but most of us probably will never have even taken this flight anyway because the planes are configured as all business-class.

Keep in mind you can still fly SQ from LAX / JFK via both Tokyo and Frankfurt respectively, but of course it’s not as quick as a non-stop.

On the flip side, I think Cathay Pacific has a lot to gain from this move. Since passengers will now need to connect, I think many business passengers will naturally make the move to CX from SQ and should help bump up the revenue in the premium cabins from LAX & JFK to SIN.



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