Getting the Right Terminal When Transferring through Singapore with Singapore Airlines

Traveling from Hong Kong, Singapore Airlines is often a good choice. In general I find their service to be excellent. Their prices range from great value to poor value, but on a number of European and Asian routes they typically offer excellent value, providing a good price combined with top notch service. Thus it stands to reason that many HK-based travellers use them.

If you do fly with them, it’s worth being familiar with their gates in Singapore. Singapore Changi airport has three terminals and if you want a quick read, the headline is “all Singapore Airlines flights leave from terminal two”.

It really is that simple. However, in more detail, you may have an experience like mine recently when after a HKG-SIN flight, the HK issued boarding pass for my onward flight with Singapore Airlines clearly indicated the terminal and gate – terminal 1, gate D41. Thus, when I arrived – in Terminal 2 – I followed the signs to Terminal 1. This involved not one but two airport shuttle trains. Once I arrived, I followed signs for D41 – and followed, and followed. After around fifteen minutes of walking, I arrived at gate D41 – back in Terminal 2.

Singapore Changi

I wrote to Singapore Airlines about this and their response explained (in part), “As Singapore Airlines does not operate out of Terminal 1, some gates that are located near Terminal 2 have been assigned as “flexi gates”. In order to ensure our passengers check-in at the correct Terminal, a decision was made to indicate that these “flexi gates” (including gate D41) are located at Terminal 2.”

That’s Kafkaesque. The boarding pass said gate D41 and Terminal 1. It was only by following this that I wasted more than twenty minutes of my time. Otherwise I would simply have checked the gate and found out that the inbound flight from HK, being Singapore Airlines, had landed in the terminal from which I would depart. Hopefully Singapore Airlines will rectify their misleading boarding passes. Meanwhile, just remember: if transferring in Singapore Changi, all Singapore Airlines flights operate out of Terminal 2, whatever your boarding pass may claim.

Guest Blogger: Christopher R.

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