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Some of you may remember back in August I blogged about a mechanical malfunction on the Lufthansa flight from FRA – JFK and how the plane had to turn back to Germany resulting in a 7 hour delay for me.

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I decided to file a claim for compensation against the airline since the EU has very strict pro-consumer regulations known as EU 261/2004 which I’ve summarized:

If you are denied boarding, your flight is cancelled or arrives more than 3 hours late on arrival at the final destination stated on your ticket, you may be entitled to compensation of €250 – 600, depending on the distance of the flight:

Within the EU

  • 1,500 km or less – €250
  • over 1,500 km – €400

Between EU airport and non-EU airport

  • 1,500 km or less – €250
  • 1,500 – 3,500 km – €400
  • over 3,500 km – €600

The distance is calculated from the airport where you were unable to board the plane – this may not be where you started your journey.

If the carrier offered you an alternative flight with a similar schedule, the compensation may be reduced by 50%.

With cancelled flights, you won’t receive compensation if:

  • the cancellation was due to extraordinary circumstances for example due to bad weather, or
  • you were informed 2 weeks before the scheduled flight date, or
  • you were offered an alternative for the same route with a similar schedule to the original one.

As you can see, I was eligible and filed a claim for 600 EUR through EUClaim. I didn’t do it through Lufthansa because all of the agents in Germany told me I wouldn’t be eligible for compensation and I figured the large airline would just deny my claim instantly and I’d have to go back and forth for awhile. EUClaim basically takes all of the hassle out for me and they won my case after only two months, that’s what I call great service. Their fees are high though, 73% of the win + 25 EUR admin fee:

EUclaim works on a No Win No Fee basis. This means you only pay us a fee when we are successful. You will receive 73% of the claim amount, minus 25 euros administration costs per passenger. When we are not able to solve your claim, you do not have to pay us anything.

But I figured I’d rather get 413 Euros than nothing so I gave it a shot and it was a few communications and signed papers back and forth via e-mail and they deposited my claim money which totally slightly over $4,000 HKD into my back account last week. Score!


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