Review: One World Lounge, Los Angeles LAX Airport

Review: One World Lounge, Los Angeles LAX Airport

With Cathay’s high frequency between LAX and Hong Kong, a lot of our readers pass through the combined One World lounge in Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. It is conveniently located upstairs just after security.

The lounge is shared by different One World airlines, which offers advantages such as longer opening hours than if it was just operated by Cathay. It has something of a Qantas feel to it, from drinks choices to some of the signage which treats it as a Qantas lounge first and foremost.

The first impression on entering the lounge, especially if during a quiet time like the afternoon, is how large it is. The size is somewhat deceptive, though: although it is a good size, some of the seating is fairly spread out and more to the point a lot of passengers have access to the lounge. If you are there shortly before the redeye flights to Australia, London and Asia the crowd can feel if not packed then certainly busy and not especially restful.

As you enter the lounge, on your right is a fair sized manned bar. The bar has a good variety of drinks and offers hot drinks including coffees made to order. The selection is a bit hit and miss: often only sparkling wine instead of no champagne, and a disappointing range of Scotch whisky for a business class lounge.

The food area is a bit small so can feel crowded, but there is plentiful volume of food. The menu changes across the day to match meal times, and the food quality is high. There is an emphasis on western dishes, with some Asian food. Some small details here grate: the plates seem not to be towelled off after dishwashing, so are often dripping wet. But overall the food here is if unexciting, consistently high quality and enough to form a meal. There is also a “taco truck” in the lounge as a nod to local food fads – it seems to operate sporadically, for example in the early evening.

There are lots of seating areas though they are not especially well designed – many are quite dark, or lack a power socket. On the far side of the lounge are some very comfortable reclining chairs with footrests. There is a small business area with computers and a good range of international newspapers.

There is also a playroom for children at the end of the lounge.

The lounge has enough showers that I have never had to wait long for one, and the shower attendants are friendly and helpful. The shower design is just okay – there is no shower door, the shampoo is too far from the shower head and so on. They feel institutional, and below what one would expect in a Cathay lounge. Still their presence is welcome.

The lounge does have calls for Cathay flights although they sometimes announce a flight as boarding when in fact boarding is yet to start, so if in doubt it may be worth checking before legging it to a gate only to sit around for another twenty minutes there.

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