10,000 free AAdvantage miles due to customer service recovery!

Flew on American Airlines from SFO – DFW and was pretty happy that there were seatback TVs. Unfortunately, flight attendant came on the intercom and said that catering didn’t load headphones on the plane so they don’t have any to give out. Bummer, luckily for me I brought a set of my own, or so I thought!

The headset jack didn’t really work. Well, it didn’t work, but if the headset was pulled out and set at a weird 30 degree angle from the plug, the proper metal would touch and you could hear sound if you set it to the exact spot. It did take a bit of finagling and I had to prop the headphone jack up in the plug with some paper, and if I touched the wire or the seat in front moved, of course the sound would stop and I’d have to play around with it again.

Short story, it didn’t work and I wrote a complaint to AA. I was able to do it on the plane since I had free wifi through T-mobile for 1 hr, thanks Tmobile!

Happy customer at the end, American replied in less than 24 hours and offered 10,000 miles for my troubles! Score. I thought I’d get 500 or 1000 max. I’m very happy with their customer service recovery and won’t hesitate to fly them again because of that. I would’ve probably booked another airline if they didn’t do anything. Proof that it’s important to not only make sure there’s a service recovery from the company, but as a customer to let them know when you’re unhappy and give them a chance to rectify. (Not much they could do on the plane except change my seat, but I didn’t want to lose my aisle.)

Side note, they called me Mrs. Tin. WTF. Does Christopher sound like a woman?

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