Asia Miles Redemptions to Europe


My friend @kennethlimphoto recently asked me about booking a trip using Asia Miles to Europe…Budapest or Prague specifically.

Asia Miles is a bit different than most western airline’s FF programs in that it’s distance based, rather than region based. Most destinations in Europe fall into the 5,001 to 7,500 mile range, so you’re looking at spending 60,000 Asia Miles for economy roundtrip. BUD and PRG are no different, at 5,310 mi and 5,460 mi respectively. However, Asia Miles calculates the trip including connecting points, and since there’s no non-stops to these cities, the actual distances will be a little bit higher than that, but you could get free stopovers along the way.

There is another option however, particularly if you don’t want or have 60,000 miles to spend. For 45,000 Asia Miles, you can get a roundtrip ticket for anywhere between 2,500 to 5,000 miles; Helsinki, Finland is conveniently 4,860 mi from HKG. FinnAir is a OneWorld carrier and partner of Asia Miles, they fly non-stop daily from HKG to HEL with an A340-300. It’s a rather quick 10hr flight and good way to get to Europe without spending tons of miles.

Once in Helsinki you can buy tickets to get to your final destination or redeem miles from another program. British Airways Avios has a great redemption for short distances, which I shall touch upon in the near future.


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