What are United Premium Plus Seats Like?

Recently I was upgraded by United on a flight from the U.S. to Hong Kong to their premium economy cabin.

This being United, little is ever straightforward. First, as they already call their extra legroom economy seats “Economy Plus” they instead give their premium economy cabin the non sequitur moniker of “Premium Plus”. Second;y, they have not actually launched the service yet. So while the seats are there in planes such as the one I flew, the rest of the promised service, from improved catering to bedding, is further down the line, with the exception of improved headphones, which were already in place.

The seats are pretty comfortable. On the 777 I was on, they were in a 2-4-2 configuration. Not only was there substantially more legroom than in economy, but the seats were and felt wider. Plus they had a decent recline. The screens were also much larger and higher definition than in economy on United.

We’ll reserve judgment until the full service launches, but the seats at least are comfortable and a step forward for United.

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