United and Delta allow only 1 Free Bag to/from HKG


Delta and United, which are the only US based carriers that fly into HKG, only allow 1 free checked bag allowance; I’m utterly appalled at this fact. If you’re traveling with at least two checked bags, make sure you factor the 2nd checked bag fee into your fare comparisons!

To my knowledge, all carriers allow two free checked bags to/from North America and Hong Kong/Asia (excluding Japan) except for:

  • United Airlines: 1 Free Checked Bag, $70 for 2nd checked bag
  • Delta Airlines: 1 Free Checked Bag, $60 for 2nd checked bag (paid online), $75 for 2nd checked bag paid at airport

WTF. This is shocking to me, and only found out because I am looking at flying United between the US and HKG. (Tells you the last time I flew a US carrier to HKG, probably 2002 on Continental.) I have flown American Airlines (AA) however on multiple occasions from China and Japan to the US recently, and they still allow 2 free checked bags to Asia. Kudos to AA! (Too bad you don’t fly to HKG, and probably never will due to CX’s massively superior product.)

But to my Japan readers, oddly enough, UA and DL allow 2 free checked bags between the US and Japan, but 1 to the rest of Asia.  Makes no sense to me. Why are flights to Japan different?

Personally I go back and forth enough times a year that I’m usually not bringing that much luggage, but much of the time I like to check my rollaway bag on too. This makes navigation of the airport and connecting flights super easy with only my backpack.


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