United Airlines GUM – NRT Flight Report and United Guam Lounge


Flew UA 196 from GUM – NRT, but there’s also two other flights each day, UA 828 and UA 873. At NRT I connected to a HKG bound ANA flight.

Check-in at Guam airport was a breeze, I only saw one other passenger during check-in. At security there was literally no line in front of me so I breezed into the terminal in minutes. The United Airlines lounge was decently appointed and fairly quiet. They had magazines, newspapers, small snacks, some fruit, and cup noodles which was nice.

United Club lounge in Guam

My plane at the gate in Guam. VIew from the UA club lounge

Equipment was a Boeing 737 and your basic United Airlines airplane nothing really to talk about there. They served a decent tasting hamburger for the flight but I had McDonald’s before I got on the plane so didn’t each much of it. Plane landed on-time and baggage arrived on the connection flight without issue.

I did have the nicest flight attendant ever though, she was really helpful and I was really pleasantly surprised. The plane was empty so I had a whole three seats to myself which was nice. Overall an astounding A++ on United’s part, (thought probably attributed to the fact that the flight was empty too.)

View of Guam from airplane


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