Guam Visit Trip Report

Came to the island of Guam and what a lovely place it is. Many people say it’s similar to Hawaii but less developed. I have never been to Hawaii so I can’t testify to that, but I can imagine that being so. In case you do not know, Guam is a U.S. territory with both a naval and air force base. The great thing about Guam is that it uses US dollars so things are relatively cheap, and you can get many U.S. goodies that you can’t find otherwise in Asia.

The first day in Guam I went to Ritidian Point. It’s part of the Guam National Wildlife Rescue park and the northernmost tip of the island. It was a pretty quick trip by car from the main developed area around Tumon Bay and completely deserted. I only saw three other people on the beach while I was there.

Very deserted beach on a weekday late morning. Enjoyed the whole place to myself.

Clearest and calmest water I have ever seen. There’s breaks far into the ocean so there’s not many waves, and the water is very shallow.

The main touristy section of Guam is on the main beaches and hotel stretch by Tumon Bay, not far from the airport. This is your typical resort area with plenty of hotels, souvenier shops, shuttle buses, etc. The great thing about Guam is that the beaches are public, you can enjoy any part of the beach no matter where you stay.

Beach Resorts at Tumon Bay

The nice thing about the sand at Tumon Bay was that it usually gets cleaned by the hotels, so you don’t have much of the rocks / pebbles that lined the beach at Ritidian Point. Also, the water was very shallow, meaning you can walk way out into the ocean and still be above water, and it was warm, with small pockets of cooler watch depending on the currents. But really, the sand was the best part, so soft on the feet like baby powder!

One exception would be PIC, Pacific Islands Club. The beach there was tiny and rocky, really very bad. I went there to checkout the water park, which is really just a glorified kiddie swimming area. I did get to scuba in the scuba tank though, and see some exotic fish, that was neat. Keep in mind the coral is sharp, as I cut my finger swimming around the tank, lol.

Cheap shopping in USD nearby such as this Paul Smith at Tumon Sands Plaza
Main Guam resort strip, lovely palm trees

I did enjoy a nice sunset at the bar of the Hotel Sante Fe. It has a nice patio right off the beach and prices are reasonable considering the view.

Hotel Sante Fe sunset from the bar

Other activities you can do besides beach and water sports is shopping. There’s a huge Kmart for all your American goodies and a mall with a Macy’s. There’s also a number of higher end brands such as Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, LV, Gucci, etc. The benefit shopping here is there’s no sales tax, and the prices are in USD. I also drove around the island, but there isn’t too much to see since there’s trees blocking most of the view which is unfortunate.

United Airlines has direct flights from HKG to GUM which are red-eyes that leave at 11:25pm and arrive at 6:25am. It’s a five hour trip and you can be on U.S. soil and paradise.

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