Best UA award redemption from South Asia to Australia/NZ

United Airlines Mileage Plus award chart recently had a devaluation, so most destinations to/from Asia and the rest of the world increased in price. You can see the new chart for Star Alliance partners here. FYI Hong Kong is located in the South Asia region. For example, New York to Hong Kong which was previously 65,000 miles roundtrip, is now a whopping 80,000 miles using UA award miles.

One good redemption which remains is South Asia to Australia/New Zealand for only 17,500 miles one way. If you book a roundtrip ticket using 35,000 miles, you can get a stopover and an open-jaw, making this a fabulous redemption to go down under. This is by far the best redemption opportunity I see from Hong Kong or anywhere in the South Asia region.

South Asia: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

For example, I can book a ticket on the outbound…Hong Kong HKG – Auckland AKL (stopover) – Sydney SYD then a return…Melbourne MEL – Hong Kong HKG

Total roundtrip including Auckland stopover and return from Melbourne for only 35,000 miles. I only need to find my way from Sydney to Melbourne which isn’t too difficult or expensive. You can book a multi-city trip on the site, but keep in mind the website a bit finicky so you’ll want to keep the destinations pretty straightforward. If you see an error page, either the routing is invalid or there are no award seats open on that date. If it gives you too much trouble or you have some custom stopovers/layovers/connections, try calling the customer service line and do it over the phone.

If I wanted to check out a few more places and don’t mind layovers under 24 hours, I could theoretically do…

  • Hong Kong HKG – Auckland AKL (connection) – Christchurch CHC (stopover)
  • CHC – AKL (connection) – Sydney SYD
  • Melbourne MEL – HKG

The combinations are wide and you can put the stopover on the outbound or return leg as well. Any connection less than 24 hours is considered a transit connection, not a stopover, so you can see a few places for less than 24 hours and move onto the next destination. In this example, I could stop in Auckland for less than 24 hours on the first and second legs and not have to redeem additional award miles.

You can book your stopovers for pretty much as many days as you want, you just need to complete the return within a year, otherwise the ticket is no good. Goodluck and let me know if you booked any interesting itineraries for this fantastic redemption amount.

UA South Asia to Australia


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  • thanks for pointing this out! As a frequent flyer to north America, I was angry with the United devaluation but this is a good deal..I had tickets on SQ from HKG to Melbourne and Auckland back to HKG and with this good deal I refunded them and am now flying business class on Thai Airways with a stopover in Bangkok and open jaw Melbourne and Auckland. Many thanks and please keep up the great work!

    • Hi Dezza, I’m really glad you were able to get some benefit from the article. Flying business sounds awesome! I’m jealous. I was supposed to go in April, but now my trip down under will wait a few more months.

      Also, if you’re willing to fly from Shenzhen, China is in North Asia, so you could save some miles flying from there to N.A.

      • THis will be the first time I’ve flown business class on a long journey so I am looking forward to it!

        After you mentioned HK is no part of South Asia I automatically looked up SZX and noticed it is North Asia. That’s not too bad if I’m flying back to Canada/US..great minds think alike eh?:) Thanks again!

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