Review: KAL Limousine Bus Between Seoul and Incheon Airport

In our summary of ways to get between Incheon airport and downtown Seoul at night, we always get a lot of interest in the bus service offered by Korean Air Lines. Other operators also provide airport bus services which are often slightly cheaper than KAL though this gap seems to have narrowed. As usual, I found KAL like the other operators to be punctual.

I recently took the bus from Incheon Airport to City Hall (bus 6701) and took the same bus back a few days later. Buying a ticket at the airport was very easy – from arrivals in Korean Air’s terminal two, one just goes down one floor and there is a ticket office indoors, as well as machines. Outbound I bought my ticket at the ticket office, while on the return I paid the driver onboard in cash (though the T-Money card, a local equivalent to Octopus, is also accepted). There is a timetable available for the routes at the ticket office, and also at relevant bus stops at the city end. The timetable is online here.

My ticket each way cost 16,000 won (about $111, so quiite steep). The bus was only about a quarter full in either direction. The bus has limited stops and stops at the door of leading hotels, which made it very convenient for me.

There is a waiting area indoors beside each bus stance. I waited outside and the bus arrived on the nose. At the airport, there were uniformed staff to load the luggage, while on the reverse trip the driver did that.

The bus had three-abreast seating which was comfortable and had a deep recline. The inflight magazine Morning Calm was also provided, along with other Korean Air reading matter, so it did have something of a Korean Air feeling. However, the bus service is ineligible for any Skypass mile accrual, though they can be used to book a ticket on the bus.

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