Hong Kong Airlines Spring Sale

Straightforward sale here. Book through March 16 for some cheap tickets on lots of Hong Kong Airlines flights! Travel period varies depending on destination.

See all of the flights here and below.


Sales period: 01 March until 16 March 2018 (Hong Kong Time)
DestinationEconomy ClassBusiness Class
All-Inclusive Fare*All-Inclusive Fare*
Los AngelesFrom HKD2,825(Round Trip)From HKD14,845(Round Trip)
San Francisco#From HKD3,125(Round Trip)From HKD14,845(Round Trip)
VancouverFrom HKD2,920(Round Trip)From HKD14,640(Round Trip)
AucklandFrom HKD3,020(Round Trip)From HKD16,740(Round Trip)
Gold Coast・CairnsFrom HKD3,195(Round Trip)From HKD16,915(Round Trip)
OkinawaFrom HKD980(Round Trip)From HKD2,700(Round Trip)
OsakaFrom HKD1,375(Round Trip)From HKD3,725(Round Trip)
MiyazakiFrom HKD1,285(Round Trip)
KagoshimaFrom HKD1,585(Round Trip)
YonagoFrom HKD1,455(Round Trip)
OkayamaFrom HKD1,455(Round Trip)
Tokyo (Narita)From HKD1,475(Round Trip)From HKD4,415(Round Trip)
SapporoFrom HKD2,570(Round Trip)From HKD6,000(Round Trip)
TaipeiFrom HKD950(Round Trip)From HKD2,530(Round Trip)
Seoul (Incheon)From HKD1,310(Round Trip)From HKD3,130(Round Trip)
BangkokFrom HKD1,205(Round Trip)From HKD2,625(Round Trip)
BaliFrom HKD1,705(Round Trip)From HKD4,765(Round Trip)
BeijingFrom HKD1,160(Round Trip)From HKD5,120(Round Trip)
TianjinFrom HKD1,160(Round Trip)From HKD3,790(Round Trip)
ShanghaiFrom HKD1,030(Round Trip)From HKD3,760(Round Trip)
HangzhouFrom HKD1,317(Round Trip)
NanjingFrom HKD1,090(Round Trip)
ChongqingFrom HKD920(Round Trip)From HKD4,250(Round Trip)
ChengduFrom HKD1,210(Round Trip)
GuiyangFrom HKD1,330(Round Trip)
FuzhouFrom HKD920(Round Trip)
HaikouFrom HKD930(Round Trip)
SanyaFrom HKD1,310(Round Trip)
Maldives (Malé)From HKD3,270(Round Trip)
#San Francisco route is subject to government and regulatory approval.

*Terms and Conditions:

  1. By purchasing the promotional round-trip fares in this offer, you shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Promotional round trip fares above are inclusive of applicable government and airport taxes/fees/charges and carrier surcharges (except those collected by government or airport during check-in), and is subject to currency fluctuation.
  3. Air tickets are valid on selected flights and dates. No-show fee, re-booking fee, re-routing fee and refund fee are subject to fare rules applicable to each origin/destination.
  4. This promotion is applicable for economy class and/or business class (if applicable) tickets on flights operated by Hong Kong Airlines (HX) only.
  5. The fares in this offer are strictly subject to availability and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. The number of seats available on each flight at the fares in this offer is limited and it is possible that the seats allocated on a particular flight may be fully booked, even though seats are still available in other booking classes.
  6. Air tickets purchased via the official website and/or the mobile application of Hong Kong Airlines 7 days or more prior to the flight scheduled departure time involving itineraries to/from the United States of America can apply for a full refund of the whole itineraries within 24 hours of reservation.
  7. San Francisco route is subject to government and regulatory approval.
  8. Hong Kong-Cairns flight sector will stopover at Gold Coast; Gold Coast-Hong Kong flight sector will stopover at Cairns.
  9. Available tickets for each route in this promotion:
    Hong Kong-Los Angeles: Not less than 13000 economy class tickets and 2700 business class tickets
    Hong Kong-San Francisco: Not less than 7800 economy class tickets and 1600 business class tickets
    Hong Kong-Vancouver: Not less than 10400 economy class tickets and 2160 business class tickets
    Hong Kong-Auckland: Not less than 8200 economy class tickets and 1300 business class tickets
    Hong Kong-Gold Coast / Cairns: Not less than 7200 economy class tickets and 1100 business class tickets
    Hong Kong-Okinawa: Not less than 15000 economy class tickets and 3800 business class tickets
    Hong Kong-Osaka: Not less than 21000 economy class tickets and 3600 business class tickets
    Hong Kong-Miyazaki: Not less than 2800 economy class tickets
    Hong Kong-Kagoshima: Not less than 6300 economy class tickets
    Hong Kong-Yonago: Not less than 2800 economy class tickets
    Hong Kong-Okayama: Not less than 2800 economy class tickets
    Hong Kong-Tokyo (Narita): Not less than 21000 economy class tickets and 1800 business class tickets
    Hong Kong-Sapporo Not less than 11800 economy class tickets and 2800 business class tickets
    Hong Kong-Taipei: Not less than 21000 economy class tickets and 3600 business class tickets
    Hong Kong-Seoul (Incheon): Not less than 16000 economy class tickets and 1000 business class tickets
    Hong Kong-Bangkok: Not less than 36000 economy class tickets and 11000 business class tickets
    Hong Kong-Denpasar (Bali): Not less than 12600 economy class tickets and 2000 business class tickets
    Hong Kong-Beijing: Not less than 32250 economy class tickets and 4050 business class tickets
    Hong Kong-Tianjin: Not less than 15000 economy class tickets and 700 business class tickets
    Hong Kong-Shanghai: Not less than 44000 economy class tickets and 2000 business class tickets
    Hong Kong-Hangzhou: Not less than 10000 economy class tickets
    Hong Kong-Nanjing: Not less than 15000 economy class tickets
    Hong Kong-Chongqing: Not less than 12000 economy class tickets and 700 business class tickets
    Hong Kong-Chengdu: Not less than 12000 economy class tickets
    Hong Kong-Guiyang: Not less than 12000 economy class tickets
    Hong Kong-Fuzhou: Not less than 12500 economy class tickets and 400 business class tickets
    Hong Kong-Haikou: Not less than 24000 economy class tickets
    Hong Kong-Sanya: Not less than 12500 economy class tickets
    Hong Kong-Maldives (Malé): Not less than 2400 economy class tickets
  10. Hong Kong Airlines will not be liable for any matter and loss in relation to any error or omission due to technical problems including but not limited to any computer or internet network issues.
  11. Bookings are not completed or accepted by Hong Kong Airlines until payment has been received and a booking reference has been issued.
  12. The promotion is subject to Hong Kong Airlines’ booking agreement and such promotion may change without prior notice.
  13. This promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other promotions.
  14. This promotion is subject to change without prior notice and liability.
  15. This promotion only applies to adult tickets (adult price also applies to those aged 2 or above and below 12). For infant tickets (aged below 2) which are not occupying seats, please contact our call centre for more information.
    Hong Kong +852 3916 3666
    Mainland China +86 950715
    Taiwan +0080 1853033
    Australia +61 29009 7988
    New Zealand +64 9913 4177
    U.S +1 855 393 3880
    Canada +1 514 392 8310
  16. Passengers are advised to check with the latest Hong Kong Government Outbound Travel Alert before planning their trip.
  17. The General Conditions of Carriage published by Hong Kong Airlines apply (subject to change from time to time) and are available on Hong Kong Airlines‘ website. Hong Kong Airlines reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event of any dispute regarding any of the Terms and Conditions, the decision of Hong Kong Airlines shall be final. Nothing in the Terms and Conditions shall confer any third party rights or benefits.
  18. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English and Chinese versions of the Terms & Conditions, the English version shall prevail.
  19. The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

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