HKG to BKK $978 all-in on HK Airlines


Was looking around at various flights to Thailand on HK Airlines and found this incredible fare of $978 roundtrip, all taxes and fees included. As you can see in the image below, the fare is actually only $240 HKD before the fees/taxes. I didn’t even see this fare on their specials page, it’s amazing. Remember that HK Airlines is a full-service airline, unlike the low cost sibling HK Express.

The dates were very limited when I was searching for fares, but the same date of Mar 31 – Apr 7 did return valid fares for flights the whole day.

Currently HK Airlines is running 5x flights daily between HKG and BKK. Keep in mind the unrest is still going on with the red/yellow shirts, so be forewarned for any possible disruptions and dangers.

HKG BKK HK Airlines


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