HK Express $15 Tickets: Mega Sale


I’m going to announce that HK Express is my new favorite airline, due to all of the great fare sales they’ve been having lately. First they had their $1 HKD sale, then their $5 HKD sale, now their $15 HKD sale. I am sad that prices have increased by 1500% since the first major sale, but still at only $2 USD each way before taxes and fees, I’m not complaining!

I also like that HK Express doesn’t have many restrictions on the travel dates, unlike another large major carrier in Hong Kong, ahem. As long as HK Express keeps these promotions coming, fanfares are looking less and less appealing.

hk express plane

The downside to this promotion though, is that not all destinations are $15. There’s different brackets of $15, $115, $215, and $315. Still though, a very competitive price for all of the destinations on offer and valid during Chinese New Year. See chart below.

Book all of your tickets soon before the promotional seats are gone! Prices will probably come out to around $600-700 HKD each way for the $15 tickets, varying a little by destinations for airport taxes / fees.

Were you able to take advantage of any promotional tickets at $15 or, even $5 or $1 in the past? Share with us below.

  • Book: Jan 6 – Jan 12, 2015
  • Travel: Jan 6 – October 24, 2015

From HKD15*

From HKD115*
Chiang Mai

From HKD215*

From HKD315*
Tokyo- Haneda

* Prices do not include taxes, fuel surcharges and other government imposed taxes and Fees. Conditions apply.

Plan ahead your holiday in 2015 with super low fares from HK Express, Hong Kong’s one-and-only dedicated low-fare airline.  One-way fare starts from as low as HK$15 and promotion sale is applicable to both departure and return flights.

The airline’s Mega Sale begins on 6 January at 00:00 through 11:59pm on 12 January for travel beginning 6 January through 24 October.

With Chinese New Year and Easter just around the corner, HK Express is adding 18 weekly flights to popular destinations in Tokyo-Narita, Seoul-Incheon, Taichung, Ningbo and Chiang Mai, offering a wealth of new options to its Guests. 

Focusing on safety, low-fares and on-time performance, HK Express is revolutionizing air travel in Hong Kong and Asia.  The airline provides low-fare travel to popular destinations throughout Asia, including the newly launched route to Tokyo-Narita.


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