HK Express $1 ticket sale


Update October 14: If you unselect the insurance and baggage you can shave $500 off the ticket price. Tokyo Narita and Haneda are today’s destinations.

OK, now you better be reading this, because you won’t find a better deal than $1 HKD airfare. Each day from today through October 26th, HK Express will offer $1 to a new destination. There will be sale fares to everywhere they fly. The first sale destination is Fukuoka, Japan.

There aren’t many restrictions and travel dates are from October 13 to June 30, 2015. This gives you a wide range of dates to play around with. Of course you’ll have to search around dates for availability.

HK Express $1 sale

On a sample booking I saw fares for $1 and the total after taxes and fees was $722 HKD roundtrip! This is incredible. Note I took off the checked baggage charges. Depending which country you book tickets to, the taxes will fluctuate slightly, but you should be seeing tickets all in this general price range.

HK Express $1 sale

Each day from today until 26 October, HK Express will release $1 fares to different destinations on their exciting network, which includes Tokyo, Seoul, Busan and Phuket. The promotional fare offers will be rolled out to all 14 destinations on the HK Express network on a rotating basis over the two week promotional period. 

“Hong Kong has never seen an airfare sale like this before,” said Luke Lovegrove, Commercial Director of HK Express, “It’s our way of saying thank you to the people of Hong Kong for supporting us whole-heartedly during our first year of operation.”

Guests keen to nab their tickets are encouraged to head to today when the first $1 fare sales commences. Check the HK Express social media channels for more details on destinations as they become available. The first destination on sale is Fukuoka, Japan. The $1 fare price does not include government-imposed taxes and other charges. 



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