Tiger Air Refund Scam?


I want to share an experience regarding a schedule change on a flight I booked with Tiger Air.

A couple of months ago Tiger Air introduced a new route from HKG – CGK (Jakarta) and I guess the schedule wasn’t working too well for them so they changed the schedule quite a bit. I had a domestic connection on a separate ticket so the new time wasn’t going to work for me and wanted a refund, as indicated as option 4 in the e-mail, shown below. Here’s what happened:

  • Called the customer service line and they picked up quickly, requested a refund due to schedule change, agent did some checks on the reservation and told me I cannot get a refund. I told him I’m requesting a refund per the e-mail, agent sounded hesitant to provide one and put me on hold. 
  • Agent came back on the line and said I wasn’t eligible because the change wasn’t over 4 hours. (it was 3:55 hr:min.) Told him I’m requesting a full refund as indicated on the e-mail and I’m not going to argue, agent put me on hold again.
  • Agent came back and said they’ll offer me a flight credit, blah blah, didn’t want to hear it and just told him I’m requesting a full refund as indicated in the e-mail as an option. Obviously I’m very pissed at this point and figuring I’ll just have to just claim this against my credit card. Agent put me on hold again.
  • Agent came back and said they’ll process the full refund to my credit card in 3 – 4 weeks, and lost me probably as a customer for a long time. Let’s hope I actually get the refund, although I did confirm the amount with the agent, named “Em”.

Is this a scam / purposely misleading business practice???

I think it is.  While I believe legally they are obligated to offer a refund, and even though it’s spelled out very clearly in the e-mails Tier sends, they’ll try to convince customers to take the schedule change or take a flight credit. I think the agents just play pretend that you can’t get a refund and probably eat a snack while they put you on hold, and don’t really talk to anyone or do anything in the background. If this is the case, I can’t blame the agents since this is how they’re trained, but it’s really sneaky of Tiger Air.

I’m very disappointed with Tiger’s customer service and hope my readers learn that they should stick with their demands when talking with Tiger Air or any airline.

tiger-airways sucks


RI   841 Sat, 14 Sep 2013 Depart Hong Kong ( HKG ) 2:30 AM Jakarta ( CGK ) 6:30 AM

RI   840 Tue, 22 Oct 2013 Depart Jakarta ( CGK ) 8:10 PM Hong Kong ( HKG ) 1:50 AM



Your flight has been rescheduled due to a network review. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Your new flight details are as follows :

RI 845Sat, 14Sep2013DepartHKG 06:25hrs
  ArriveCGK 10:25hrs
RI 840Wed, 23Oct2013DepartCGK 00:10hrs
  ArriveHKG 05:55hrs
All flight times listed are local. Do note that your flight has been retimed to depart about 4 hours later from your original schedule. Please ensure that all passengers in the travelling party are aware of the revised flight itinerary.
1. PASSENGER NAME                   

Simply click below to acknowledge the changes in your flight details:


If the revised flight schedule is not suitable, please contact our Call Centre to :

1.   Change the Departure Date
Depart within 7 days from the original departure date, and we will waive the change fee and fare differences.

2.   Change the Destination
Depart within 7 days from the original departure date, and we will waive the change fee. Please note that differences in fare and/or taxes & charges apply.

3.   Flight Credit
The flight credit will be valid for 6 months.

4.   Cash refund for the unused portion of the fare. 

Please print the updated copy of the itinerary from “Manage My Bookings” at www.tigerair.com and bring it with you when you travel.

Yours faithfully,
Reservations Team
Tiger Airways


  1. Just received the same treatment. All nicely booked buses and flights to my olds.Accidently checked my emails-I was on holidays, to find they had changed my return flight to the same time I got on my bus 600km away. This is the first time I have booked with them, and will never again. Been doing this trip for years and never had this treatment with other airlines. Upon calling, only a wild temper got results, have yet to organise a refund, tho the operater said they would, but took no details. Monday I will start on this path.

    • Hi Dom, sorry you had to go through this as well. I hope you got your money back in the end though. I did hear that Tiger is pulling out of Indonesia because of unprofitability. Air Asia and Lion have too much of the market.

  2. just had the same thing happen to me except no email at all
    i cant even complain as the hotline closed before i casually decided to recheck my booking

    going to try yelling at the airport but they made me lose my connection tickets already

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