Juneyao Airlines HKG-PVG: 730 RMB each way


Juneyao Airlines, has a Chinese site, but there does’t appear to be English support, which I find shocking in this day and age of international flying. It looks like you can’t even book a flight from HKG on their web site neither! Along with Spring Airlines, they are the other discount airline flying between HKG and PVG, with one way travel for 730 RMB, before taxes.


Travelzoo was promoting booking this flight via Ctrip, but I searched myself and found seats cheaper on Elong.net! (In you’re face Travelzoo!) I priced out a trip on Elong.net for ¥1349 roundtrip inclusive of taxes. (vs 1395 RMB on Ctrip.) This equates to about $1,645 HKD. Spring Airlines can be slightly cheaper on certain dates, but here’s another option for you to consider. I searched last minute travel less than two weeks away and it’s still this cheap!


Also, refer to my posting about searching for flight to mainland China. (FYI, I did check Travelzen, this airline didn’t show up on the search.)


Personally I have not flown them, but reviews are mixed, 3 star rated.


Juneyao has one daily flight, here’s the schedule:

Hong Kong->Shanghai

HO1294  Airbus A320-100/200

Departure time:  11:50 Hong kong international Airport Arrival time: 14:10 Pudong Airport

Shanghai->Hong Kong

HO1293  Airbus A320-100/200

Departure time: 08:20 Pudong Airport Arrival time: 10:50 Hong kong international Airport


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