Turbulence on Cathay Pacific flight from SFO to HKG


CX879 from SFO to HKG hit some strong turbulence on the February 18 flight. The turbulence struck while the plane was flying over Hokkaido in Japan. There have been conflicting reports of the number injured, but the last I saw was 12 hospitalized in Hong Kong.

If you see the photo from CNN, it’s very scary. There is random stuff through all about the cabin like a tornado hit.

Do you think it’s due to the polar vortex and the jetstream that’s acting up this year? My un-scientific deduction leads to that conclusion. There’s been a rash of severe turbulence stories this season, here’s two others recently.

The learning from this is that you really should always keep your seatbelt buckled during flight, as the flight attendants always remind. Turbulence can happen at any time without warning. You don’t want to end up with your head stuck in the ceiling or other types of injuries. Even if you loosely tie your seatbelt around your waist, you won’t really feel it and you won’t fly to the ceiling. You’ll probably just go off the seat like on a rollercoaster ride.

Turbulence Cartoon

If you want to find out more about turbulence from the pilot’s standpoint, check out this site, Ask the Pilot.


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