Trip report: BKK to HKG, Cathay Pacific Flight CX2700


I needed to be in Bangkok one night and booked a ticket the day before departure on Cathay’s HK website. This was the return leg of that ticket. The HKG-BKK return ticket cost HKD3,198 in S class, accruing only 524 miles.

At the airport

I had been told by my travel agent previously that a four digit flight number indicated a codeshare. However, this flight marketed at CX2700 is a Cathay operated flight. The checkin was smooth but when I was in Cathay’s Bangkok lounge it was announced that the flight would be delayed by an hour due to the aircraft being delayed inbound.

Clearing emigration in the mornings at Suvarnabhumi in the first part of the morning often involves a long queue and that was true on this occasion.


This was an A330-300 and in economy class was fairly full.


The flight was smooth and we arrived in Hong Kong an hour after our originally scheduled arrival time.


This flight is a “breakfast flight” and so service was fast and the cabin crew were largely invisible afterwards. The language level in English was a bit ropy – I asked for the Chinese breakfast but was given the western one in error, which I didn’t point out.

cx bkk food 2

Food and Drink

I find Cathay’s catering on this route to be fairly lacking in refinement and substance, and their breakfast is no exception. There was a bread roll, which they don’t always offer on later departing flights even when the tray includes butter. There was no menu card and the description of the western breakfast wasn’t clear – I heard one flight attendant describe it simply as “chicken sausage”, while another described it as “egg frittata”, neither of which was a good description. I didn’t try the sausage but the rest of the warm dish was decently tasty. So the breakfast wasn’t great but it was better than it looked.


This flight does leave Bangkok at a good time, in that you can get to the airport without having to get up very very early. However, the catering is a bit basic.

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