This week’s fan fares CX: Feb 5


Jump on the long-haul deals if the dates work for you…Chicago, London, and New York are great fan fare destinations on sale this week with Cathay Pacific. I’m very happy to see some highly desireable long-haul destinations on sale finally.

The short-haul destinations are good too, with prices under $1000 HKD before taxes & surcharges. The only two destinations which I feel have lukewarm pricing are Osaka and Dubai.

Fares include: (*with tax + surcharge)
Zhengzhou HKD 290 | HKD 977*
Wuhan HKD 390 | HKD 1,077*
Kaohsiung HKD 590 | HKD 1,245*
Hangzhou HKD 690 | HKD 1,377*
Ho Chi Minh City HKD 790 | HKD 1,520*
Kuala Lumpur HKD 990 | HKD 1,731*
Dubai HKD 1,390 | HKD 3,496*
Osaka HKD 1,590 | HKD 2,393*
Chicago HKD 1,990 | HKD 4,386*
London HKD 2,990 | HKD 6,588*
New York HKD 3,990 | HKD 6,386*

今期機票優惠包括: (*已連稅價格)
鄭州 港幣290 | 港幣977*
武漢 港幣390 | 港幣1,077*
高雄 港幣590 | 港幣1,245*
杭州 港幣690| 港幣1,377*
胡志明市 港幣790 | 港幣1,520*
吉隆坡 港幣990 | 港幣1,731*
迪拜 港幣1,390 | 港幣3,496*
大阪 港幣1,590 | 港幣2,393*
芝加哥 港幣1,990 | 港幣4,386*
倫敦 港幣2,990 | 港幣6,588 *
紐約 港幣3,990 | 港幣6,386*

You can book the Cathay fanfares here.



  1. Still no Chengdu! But what do you think about the Hangzhou fare? Was thinking of taking my daughter there instead. Do you think the Hangzhou fare and booking hotel separately will still work best price wise?

    • Yea, I can’t believe Chengdu’s still not showing up! I think Hangzhou is a good fare…but Chengdu is a bit more interesting I think. There’s not much that’s famous in Hangzhou except a lake. Chengdu is a bit more interesting with the pandas, tibetan quarter, and spicy food.

      Maybe in another week or two it should show up.

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