Review: CX283 Frankfurt to Hong Kong, Economy Class

This was the return leg of the flight whose outbound leg we reviewed here.

At the Airport

I had planned to arrive at the airport early but the Cathay website only listed checkin desk opening times for its morning flight, not this one, so I didn’t know if I would be too early. I went to the checkin desk about three hours before scheduled departure. The desk was open and I checked in quickly. Security in Germany sometimes takes a long time but on this occasion it did not and soon I was ensconsed in the Cathay lounge.

It had been mostly a sunny day but while I was in the lounge there was some rain with occasional lightning. Shortly before the flight was due to board, there was an announcement that due to the weather, the inbound A350 had been diverted to Hahn airport – fairly close to Frankfurt – and so our flight would be delayed.  In the end, we left around three hours late. I did not hear much from Cathay but later in the wait, received an e-mail saying that we would leave three hours late, but arrive one minute after schedule. Cathay is always bad with anything involving computers and this was just one more embarrassing example – a waste of my time to read such an e-mail.

Boarding was fast and orderly.


The plane was an A350. There were blankets and pillows at the seats.


The flight was around three quarters full in economy class. I had selected a seat in the final row and was able to lay out over three seats to myself, so slept for much of the flight. The flight timing is well suited to this.

Having left late we arrived in Hong Kong three hours late, after a smooth flight. We headed north out of Germany, and over into Russia thence down over Mongolia and China.


The crew passed out menus and very soon after takeoff they distributed the dinner. A couple of hours before landing they started the breakfast service.

There were recorded announcements in German.

The crew had also been hanging around the airport due to the delay, I expect, but were still professional, poised and friendly throughout.

Food and Drink

The menu was as follows.

For dinner I had the chicken.

Breakfast was as follows:

Both meals were tasty, with breakfast especially so for a western breakfast on Cathay. Flying out of Germany it would have been good to have German beer, but no dice. Still, I’d say the meals while not in the same league as some airlines, were pretty good by Cathay standards.

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