Review: Cathay’s Temporary Lounge in Shanghai Pu Dong airport

Cathay’s lounge at Pu Dong (reviewed here) is currently closed for renovation. As an interim lounge, both Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon are using the Plaza Premium lounge located close to gate 77 (in terminal two).

This lounge is used by everyone and his dog. An area is specifically set aside and signposted for Cathay passengers. However it does not have entrance controls, so it is likely that other passengers may use the space also. Given how crowded the old lounge could get, with richocheting delays from Shanghai leading to busy evenings there, I imagine that this temporary lounge will feel full at peak times.

Overall the lounge is a bit of a downgrade. Like the old lounge, it is open roofed to the airport. The location is very similar and equally convenient. The design is decently modern and comfortable. There are a number of different types of seating and tables, but space is at a premium.

Work booths are not nearly as functional as the ones in the former Cathay lounge.

The food selection is middling, not quite as good as the old lounge but not dramatically worse. The drinks selection is the same. There is also a noodle bar in the far corner of the lounge, which could stand in if you miss the old dumpling cart.

In terms of amenities the lounge falls short, for example lacking the many computer terminals of the old lounge. The use of plastic cutlery is also a step down in terms of class.

As a temporary lounge, this lounge is acceptable but the sooner Cathay can bring its own lounge back into operation the better.

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