Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge, London Heathrow Terminal 3

We recently reviewed Cathay’s excellent business class lounge in Heathrow Terminal Three.

First class passengers and other eligible passengers such as Marco Polo Diamond members can use the First Class lounge. It is adjacent to the Business Class lounge, although as it shares some facilities with it it feels in some ways as if it is part of one overall lounge.

The shared facilities include the showers. There is no manned bar or noodle bar in the first class section, so if you want to use those facilities you can do so in the business class section.

The lounge design is consistent with that of the adjacent business class lounge, including a variety of comfortable chair types and soothing use of wood finishes.

The main physical distinction in the first class area is the inclusion of a dining room with a la carte dining, reminiscent of the dining room in the first class Pier lounge  in Hong Kong. As a smaller space, the room feels a little less private than its Hong Kong equivalent. Being in London, the green benches feel a little like being in the House of Commons (perhaps red would have been a better choice for the First Class lounge in that regard).

There is a self-service drinks bar in the main part of the lounge, although for a first class lounge the selection is middling – VSOP not XO, and no decent single malt if you exclude the Singleton, for example.

There is also a small food area with some snacks, desserts and high quality light dishes.

I don’t think premium popcorn is special, but kudos to Cathay for having their British onboard popcorn supplier display their wares in these jars in their London lounge.

The lounge has comfortable chairs, ample plug sockets and good aircraft views, so is a pleasant place to while away time before a long flight.

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