Marco Polo: Positive Changes to Earning and Retaining Status

Two bits of good news for Marco Polo members.

First, the threshold for retaining green membership without paying is being cut from 100 to 20 club points which is good news for occasional flyers.

Secondly, Cathay has announced that it is improving the earnings rate for club points on some tickets, for Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon flights departing from 8th December onwards. The improvement is across the board in terms of routes, though some ticket classes will earn more and others will stay the same. Economy and premium economy tickets do particularly well out of the changes.

Last year’s changes to the Marco Polo club made it harder for many members to gain or retain status. It was not worse for everyone (Travel Data Daily did a statistical analysis and then social media analysis here) but for a lot of members the changes made it harder to attain status. I have switched my flying and crediting patterns in consequence and I suspect thousands of other passengers have done the same, which must be hurting Cathay’s business.

Where there is an increase, it will be between five and twenty club points. Full details for all flights showing new and old earning rate can be found on the Cathay website.

This is just for club points. So it will help you in earning or retaining status levels – it will not help you lower the cost of redeeming flights using Asia Miles.

The increase only applies to Cathay flights, not those from other airlines which accrue on Marco Polo, such as One World airlines. The details are also unclear on whether the flight must be ticketed by Cathay or operated by it, so if you thinking of a codeshare flight you may want to ask more.

Still this is a welcome change and something Cathay should have got right first time instead of messing up the changes the way they did.

New CX earnings chart:

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