Lounge Review: Cathay Pacific and Dragonair Lounge, Shanghai Pu Dong Airport

Cathay and Dragonair’s lounge in Shanghai Pudong PVG sees a lot of traffic. They have a combined daily frequency of fifteen flights, which in common with other HK-bound flights from the mainland’s eastern airports are often delayed. Plus passengers from a lot of One World airlines seem to choose to use the lounge.

The lounge is located close to gate 68. As one walks through the terminal, the sign below points to it. Behind the sign there are stairs, an escalator and a lift to carry you up the one floor to the lounge.

cx lounge pvg entrance cx lounge pvg

The front desk staff are usually friendly. While the lounge may be busy and so sometimes there is a queue at the front desk, for delayed flights they tend to have a paper notice on the front desk with the latest expected departure time, which can be helpful.

There is a spacious luggage area opposite the reception desk, and then one comes across the first of several distinct areas within the lounge. These two areas are a bit quieter, although they are by the main pathway in and out of the main part of the lounge.

cx pvg seating

Beyond that is the main part of the lounge. This consists of a large area with a lot of seating clustered together in small table areas, one long seated empty bar, a workspace with twenty or so relatively self-contained computer booths and the food and drink area.

cx lounge pvg food

There is a fair selection of hot food but not spectacular, and it typically feels more like a snack than a proper meal. There is a mobile cart offering noodles, prepared on the spot by a chef. These are decent though it never seems to open past its published opening hours, so if your evening flight is delayed, too bad.

cx pvg food seating

As the lounge is on a roofless mezzanine, there is a lot of background noise floating up from below, including endless boarding announcements. It is rather perverse, then, that the lounge does not in fact make boarding announcements for Cathay or Dragonair flights.

cathay lounge alcohol

As mentioned, this lounge can be heaving with people, depending on the situation with flight delays. If you go in the late afternoon or evening you are unlikely to see as many empty seats as shown in these photographs, although as the lounge is very large I have never failed to get a seat even when it is busy.

cx lounge more seating

Guest Blogger: Christopher R.

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