KA692 Review: Penang to Hong Kong with Cathay Dragon

At the Airport

I arrived at the airport a little after six o’clock in the morning, but it was already busy with a lot of people. There was a long line for the Cathay Dragon checkin. Passport control and security had no lines and it was a short walk to the Cathay lounge. From there, it was another very short walk down to gate A4A whence the plane would depart.


The flight was operated by an A330 (registration number B-LBH).

The seat had a seatback screen with the usual Cathay entertainment options.


The flight looked to be more or less full in economy class. We pushed back on the nose, and apart from some chop just off the Malaysian coast had a smooth flight, arriving in Hong Kong over half an hour before schedule. We arrived at the gate closest to the Regal hotel, which is pretty convenient for immigration.


The mal service started shortly after takeoff and was prompt. The cabin crew offered breakfast, and came to collect the trays fairly soon afterwards. They had a large rubbish bag atop their trolley as some American airlines do. This may be efficient but looks very unsightly and not premium. After that the cabin crew was not much in the cabin. Overall they were okay but not especially enthusiastic.

Food and Drink

The meal choice was between scrambled egg and chicken noodle. I opted for the former and it was a good meal. The scrambled egg was the best I have had in economy class on a plane – soft and fluffy, which is often not the case. There was also an unbreaded fish finger and an anaemic looking tomato, but the beans, spinach and hash brown were tasty. Overall it was a good breakfast.


This was a comfortable, punctual and pleasant flight.

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