Hong Kong to Singapore on Cathay Pacific CX635: Economy Class review


This was third leg of a Seoul to Singapore return which I had purchased on the Cathay website a couple of weeks prior to travel for 437,200 won (around $2,955).

Cathay has some pretty competitive fares from Seoul – much more so than from Hong Kong in this case (we gave an overview of cheaper ex-outport ticket pricing on Cathay here). I had wanted to travel between Seoul and Singapore in business class, for which the price some weeks before had been $7,269. I went to the travel agent, cash in hand, and he confirmed that price but when he tried to ticket it, the price increased to $8,579. So I just dropped it and later bought the economy class ticket online. Cathay’s IT is pretty bad but this is an example of where it cost them money. I was literally holding money to buy a ticket, but felt so aggrieved that they did a bait and switch on price (knowingly or otherwise). I decided not to buy it and instead bought a much cheaper one (I actually would have taken another airline altogether, except it didn’t fit with my schedule).


This was operated by an A330. The seats were the clam like recliners, which so divided opinion a few years back. There was a good selection of inflight entertainment.

The seatback screen, graced by Norwich’s finest (Cathay is currently showing the whole series of This Time).

I was seated in seat 51D, an unremarkable seat without any extra legroom. I was a bit surprised, as on other legs of this trip, that Cathay did not allocate me an extra legroom seat due to my status in Marco Polo. But it wasn’t a big deal, and I slept for much of the flight.


The flight was scheduled to leave from gate 21. As I had been issued my boarding pass in Incheon the gate number was not listed. I got to the gate area late and looking rushedly at the monitor mistakenly went to gate 15 only to discover that that was a Singapore Airlines flight. I should have known that (15 isn’t a gate Cathay uses, as far as I know) but it was still a frustrating mistake to make. I headed to gate 21, making it just in time (the door closed behind me).

The flight was about three quarters full. There was a bit of chop as we came closer to Singapore but nothing too severe or long lasting.

Arriving in Singapore, there was a short queue for immigration and the airport experience was smooth.

Service/Food and Drink

The crew did a drinks run shortly after take off,followed later by the meal service. First came the tray and only ten minutes or so later did the dish come, followed later by ice cream, so the service flow felt a bit bitty.

I chose the fish dish, the fish was a bit flavourless but overall the meal was decent.

The crew was friendly and were visible in the cabin outside of the meal service.


The booking was annoying – are you selling the ticket at the price you say or not, Cathay – and the flight was unremarkable. Singapore Airlines really knocks Cathay out of the park on this route.

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