Happy New Year; 2013 Cathay Pacific fanfares!


Happy 2013 everyone! We’ve made it, and survived all of the doomsday predictions for 2012. Whew.

My resolution for HK Travel Blog: Add Chinese language
It won’t be easy to add Chinese, but I’ve received great feedback from my readers and would like to tap into a non-English speaking audience to share some of the travel tips and stories.

To get the travel mood started for the New Year, Cathay Pacific has released a new batch of fanfares today. Here is the list of destinations and prices before fees/taxes:

ZhengzhouHKD790Kota KinabaluHKD1,090
Ho Chi Minh CityHKD790BusanHKD1,090
Phnom PenhHKD890OkinawaHKD1,290
PenangHKD890Tokyo (Haneda)HKD1,790
Kuala LumpurHKD990ParisHKD2,990

Nothing looking too particularly enticing this week…maybe Shanghai for $790, Penang at $890, and Kota Kinabalu for $1090.

The other fares are lukewarm, particularly Tokyo which often shows up on these fanfares for $990.

I was hoping to see a North American destination on this list, and I’m a bit surprised there isn’t one on it. Hopefully there’ll be one next week, other than Chicago.

If these destinations fit your schedule and you want a cheap trip to Southeast Asia in a month or so, get ready at 8am HKT to book these. Otherwise I think you can wait, as it’s low season for the airline industry so I think you’ll see some similar fares in the coming weeks. Or even if you buy at a regular price, I think you can probably find deals at or slightly above these prices.


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